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With Clipboard Master, you can create an alternative start menu that is displayed, e.g., with the key combination Win + S and through which frequently used programs and folders and be stared and/or opened using just a few keys. You can also organize programs and folders into subfolders. As with all other Clipboard Master clipboards, an alternative start menu created with Clipboard Master also include the live Clipboard Master search field.

What is the advantage over the Windows start menu? 

The Windows start menu has become more difficult to use over time and the program folder has become very unclear since Windows Vista. The search field remains good but is much too slow and often find far too much. Selecting an entry using the keyboard requires too much effort.

Quick start 

In the Clipboard Master alternative start menu, only those entries that are also in its menu are present and can be selected very quickly.

Starting programs is also very fast: both screenshots show how you can use the P key to start PowerDVD. The corresponding program is started as soon as the search returns a hit. (This can also be deactivated: display the properties of the clipboard, "Paste" tab and then uncheck the box "Quick paste during filter/search").

Overview of the Feature "Alternative Windows start menu": 

  • Use any entry (program, folder and subfolder)
  • Directly start an entry via the keyboard, e.g. 5 for the fifth entry.
  • Lightning fast searching and starting an entry via the Clipboard Master live search field.