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Using keyboard with only one hand

This function is very useful when you have to use the keyboard with only one hand. With this you can easily type in upper case letters and all the special characters on the keyboard.

Activate the option 'Uppercase when pressing key long'.

For fast typers 250 milliseconds (1/4 secund) is recommended, fo0r slow typers 400. You may adjust this setting according to type speed.

Tip: press F1 for at least 500 Milliseconds to active/deactivate this function

How does it work:

1. Normal/short pressing of a key: just normal key type, the character will be inserted, e.g. a

2. long pressing: the character in uper case will be inserted e.g. A

Same works for the number keys (0-9) and the special characters:
Long pressing 8 and * is inserted.
Long pressing ; und : is inserted.

Some keyboards do have a AltGr key (instead of a right Alt key). With this some further special characters can be typed, e.g. AltGr + E for € (german keyboard)
Just keep the e a little longer pressed for that:
e is inserted, keep key down: E is inserted (instead of the e), keep key down: € is inserted.

This function only applies to keys which will enter a character. It does not apply to the function keys, shift, ctl, windows, menu, cursor key, nor the num block keys.

Sticky shift

With this you can reach any key combination with Shift, Control, Alt and/or Windows-key, but without pressing all the keys at the same time.
You can first press the so called modifier (Shift, Control, Alt Windows-key) and release it, and and then press the according key.

E.g. Press (and release) Ctrl, then press S and function assigned with Ctrl+S will be executed (usuaslly this a save).

Or to type in an upper case character: Press and release Shift and the press the character-key.

Special Settings

  • Ctrl + Backspace
    In many programs, this key combination deletes the word to the left of the cursor. This does not work in some programs/entry fields and instead adds a character like ?, e.g. in Windows Editor (notepad.exe). Ctrl + Backspace functions correctly with this option.

  • Ctrl + C in text fields
    If you want to copy the text in an entry field, you have to mark it first. If this option is active and no text is marked, press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert to copy the complete text of the entry field to the clipboard.

  • Ctrl + C for other controls
    Is a button or checkbox is active (has the focus), the text in the button or other control element is copied to the clipboard.

URL Shortener

Note: the settings for the URL shortener have been moved here.