Aktion 'Text von Control/Element kopieren' Action "Show Menu" Der Menü Editor

You can open a (context) menu with this function via key combination. You can select from the following:

  • Tray icon menu
  • Tools menu (e.g. convert marked text/number)
  • "Paste" menu
  • "Convert text" menu
  • "Convert number" menu
  • "Search" menu
  • "Translate" menu

Tray Icon Menu
The tray icon menu will be displayed. The default key combination is Windows+Alt+F12.

Tools Menu
This is the primary context menu and contains all listed submenus.
This global context menu works in almost every application (unfortunately not in Windows 8 apps), the default key combination is Ctrl + Menu Key.

"Paste" Menu

"Convert Text" Menu

"Convert Number" Menu

"Search" Menu

"Translate" Menu