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CBM Settings 04 View
Clipboard Master Settings 04 View
  • Select one of the three display modes from the drop-down field
    • List only
    • List with small titles
    • List with buttons

    The selected display mode is shown on the right.

    Tip: You can change display modes while using Clipboard Master with Alt + F2.

  • Display Icons
    When activated, icons will be displayed in the list.

  • Display Program Icons
    When activated, the icon of the application copied into is displayed.

  • Display Icons For Files
    When activated, the icon of the file is displayed. When deactivated, the icon of the application copied into is displayed.

  • Show Thumbnails (Small Preview) For Images
    When activated, a small preview is displayed as an icon for images.

  • First Show Search/Filter If A Letter or F3 Is Pressed
    The search field is displayed from the beginning initially by default. Activate this option to first show the search/filter field when a letter is pressed.

  • Use Script of the Current Entry Field When activated the font of the current entry field is used for the list - if possible.

  • Standard Font...
    Click on these buttons to select the list font to be used by default.


  • Show Text Formatted
    When this option is activated, the text will be displayed formatted in the preview, that is, with font size, font, italics, bold, et cetera. The text will be displayed as it was copied into the clipboard. Deactivate this option is the text should always be displayed in the same font.

    Note: Formatted text can only be displayed is the option "Save With Formatting" is activated in the settings. What is this??

Window Position

  • Only If Not Pinned
    When you open the Clipboard Master list, the list is not initially pinned. You can specify the position at which the list should be displayed here. The default setting is "automatic/at text cursor". What is this??

  • If Pinned
    Using the "Scroll Lock" key or second Alt key + P, you can pin the Clipboard Master window (the list), meaning that the list remains in the foreground after pasting. You can also specify the position of the list.


  • Transparent When Pinned
    If the Clipboard Master window is pinned and is left, the Clipboard Master window will be displayed transparent. You can set the degree of transparency here.