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Compress/Zip Files

Clipboard Master contains a compress function that you can use to simply compress files and folders into archives.

The files and folders most recently copied to the clipboard are compressed into an archive and pasted.


Step 1: Copy file(s) e.g. in Windows Explorer:

Step 2: Open the Global Context Menu (Ctrl + Menu Key) paste zipped. Or use the hotkey second Alt key + Z.

You can also copy multiple files or folders one after the next. Clipboard Master pastes all of the most recently copied files into the archive.

The most recently copied file and/or files/folders will always be compressed into an archive and pasted. Example: Copy one or more files. Then create an email and copy multiple text entries there. Then press second Alt key + Z and the previously copied file(s) will be compressed and paste to the email as an archive.

The pasting of the archives functions everywhere that you can also paste files e.g. in Windows Explorer, in a new email, another file manager, et cetera.

Compressing and Pasting Using the Clipboard Master List

Open the Clipboard Master list (e.g. with Win + V) and select one or more file(s)/folder(s). You can paste the file(s)/folder(s) compressed into an archive directly via the context menu -> Paste Special.


The following types of archives can be created: .7z, .zip, .gzip, .tar, .bzip2, .xy.

You can specify your preferred format in the Settings. The default is .zip.

You can also specify multiple key combinations, e.g. second Alt key + Zto create a zip archive without a password and second Alt key + Shift + Z to display the options dialog before compression in order to assign a password or change the archive format.

» Define New Key Combination: Settings -> Global Key Combinations -> New -> Select for action " Paste: Last File(s)/Folder Zipped Or Unzipped".

The Password Dialog As Well As Specifying Options For An Archive: