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Select An Area of the Screen With the Keyboard

  1. Simply press the Print or key or right click on the Clipboard Master Tray Icon "Tools" -> "Screenshot" to start the Clipboard Master screenshot tool.
  2. Select the window in which you would like to select an area.
  3. Press the spacebar
  4. You can now move the area using the cursor keys
  5. Then press Enter or the left mouse button to take a screenshot.

Operation Via Keyboard

Create a screenshot:

Tastenkombinationen Funktion
Alt + PrintDo a screenshot of the active window.
Print Start the Screenshot Tool
Print againSelect area manually

Beim Erstellen eines Screenshots:

Tastenkombinationen Funktion
Spacec Fix selection
F1Online Help
F2Change selection: rectangle, round rectangle, oval, cirlce
F3 or GDetect items grafically on/off
F4Crop screenshots on/off
F6Select with/without scrollbars
F7 or XShow/hide crosshair
F8Show/hide buttons
F9 or MDisplay mode
F10Shwo context menu More
F12Shwo context menu Options
TCopy the text of the selected item (button, text, ...)
+Increae selection by one pixel
-Decreae selection by one pixel
Cursor keysMove by one pixel
Ctrl + Cursor keyMove by 10 pixels
Shift + Cursor keyIn-/descrese width/height by one pixel
RFrame on/off
, und .In-/decrease frame width
Pg down, Pg uprFrame color 
X, YIn-/decrease frame radius