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The Most Important Key Combinations (Hotkeys)

Clipboard Master is primarily a multi-clipboard for Windows. If you copy something to the Windows clipboard, Clipboard Master takes note of this. It stores the last 10,000 entries, regardless of whether the computer is shut down or turned off.

There are different options for adding an entry from the Clipboard Master list to the email or document currently being written.

1. Via the Complete List

You can open this using the key combination (hotkey) that you have determined in the setup assistant; default is Win + V. The Insert key has proven well-suited for this (Settings -> Hotkeys):

Select the desired entry in the list using the cursor buttons and press Tab (paste as unformatted text) or Enter (paste with formatting if present).
You can also click a entry with the mouse directly.

The first 9 entries can be pasted directly using the keys 1-9.

2. Via the Tray Icon Menu

Click on the tray icon in the task bar on the bottom right: the tray icon menu will be displayed:

You can use to easily paste an entry or text template.

3. Via the Quick Menu

The quick menu is opened using the key combination Win + Q (Q=quick):

The last 9 entries as well as text templates can be pasted with this.