Installation: Error 2753 or uninstalling/updating Clipboard Master fails

Please goto

and uninstall Clipboard Master with it. Then install the new version.



I want to install Clipboard Master in another folder

Clipboard Master requires certain privileges to work correctly with Windows 8/10 apps and in programs which are run with Admin privileges. To get the privileges Clipboard Master needs to be installed in c:\program files or in c:\program files (x86).

How can I open the initial configuration options again, e.g. to switch from "simple list" to "complete display"?

Click on the tray icon and select Tools -> Wizards -> Quick Configuration

How to reset all settings?

  1. Exit Clipboard Master 
  2. Open the folder %APPDATA%\Jumping Bytes\ClipboardMaster
    e.g. Start menu -> Run -> enter the path -> press OK
  3. Delete all in the folder
    To keep the clipboards contents do not delete the clm2 files


Send us an email to clipboardmaster(at)