Freeware update: Clipboard Master 3.0 now features a global context menu

Three Times As Many Possible Hotkey Assignments and Simplified Saving of Files From the Internet

Munich, July 10, 2013 – Clipboard Master users used to have to keep a lot in mind: in order to fluidly use Clipboard Master, they had to memorized key combinations. After all, the practical multi-clipboard is intended to help execute recurring tasks with the push of a button.

Global context menu allows easy use of Clipboard Master

The time of complicated procedures is over; operation is now very easy. Version 3.0 of Clipboard Master has made a large step and contains an important improvement: a global context menu.

Regardless of the application the user is using: the Clipboard Master context menu can be opened with the press of defined key combination. All functions can be used via the menu, such as the pasting of files or images, URLs or email addresses. Text can be pasted formatted or without formatting and converted according to any parameters: be it alphabetical order, in upper case letters or with an indent: As the commands work in every application, that is, globally, the text can also be converted as desired in a simple editor or any text-based application. There is also a menu item for numbers: formulas are calculated at the push of a button or numbers are converted to ASCII code or hexadecimal format. In addition, marked words can be searched for on user-defined websites such as Google Maps, eBay, Amazon or Wikipedia with the push of a button. Clipboard Master is also helpful for the translation of text when Google Translate is integrated.

Take a look at the screenshots of the context menu to see how easy it can be to use a clipboard:

Show Path Used

An additional practical new feature is the display of paths used. As soon as a file is to be saved, opened or downloaded from the Internet, the user must enter a path as the storage location. To do so, they must click through to the desired folder. The new version of Clipboard Master has a better solution for this: simply press F12 and the most recently used directories are displayed in a list and can be selected - as well as the all directories of the Explorer folders currently open.

Three Times As Many Hotkey Assignments

Clipboard Master offers various key combinations that accelerate daily typing tasks. These so-called hotkeys are global key combinations to which a function is assigned, fully independent of what the user has previously typed. An example of a familiar hotkey is , which is global, meaning that it works in all programs and always has the same paste function. With the new version of Clipboard Master, so many assignments for hotkeys are possible (over 20,000) that the users can assign a combination for almost any event. In the case just named, the following options exist:
- - -
An individual function can be assigned to each of these combinations. A different assignment is possible with each of the so-called modifiers, such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows keys. Nearly all combinations are possible.
In addition, each hotkey can be program-dependent, meaning that it only conducts a certain action, e.g. in Notepad. Clipboard Master provides over 30 functions, such as paste last file, paste list URL shortened, shut down the computer or place it in standby (also after some time, e.g. after 5 minutes). A program can also be launched via hotkey.

Availability, Instructions and Images

Clipboard Master 3.0 can be downloaded via; you will find instructions and tips here:

You can find a box shot in various resolutions here:

If you enjoy using Clipboard Master, we are greatly appreciative for every donation:

About Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master stores and manages text, images and files for an unlimited or definable time in a clipboard which remains available even after the computer is shut down. All copied content is available to the user at all times, clearly sorted for use in various PC applications. For example, frequently used elements such as salutations, special characters or other text templates can be stored and then pasted into any program. Multiple elements can be compiled into a so-called collection and then pasted into a new document with a single click. For example, if the user would like to filter out the ingredients of an interesting recipe on the Internet, they simply have to mark and copy the ingredients distributed throughout the screen. Collections start automatically in Clipboard Master and remain available in the original order they were copied. "Fixed clipboards" are available for frequently used words, sentences or images. Fixed clipboards are windows that remain in the foreground and allow the user to easily store frequently used elements via key combination or mouse click and then paste them into any document. Users that frequently write can significantly accelerate their work process by using so-called hotkeys. Predefined or user-defined abbreviations are automatically completed in combination with a key combination (). For example, "apd" becomes "as previously discussed". Take a look at the website to see everything Clipboard Master can do: http://www.clipboardmaster.deHere you can see an overview of the predefined flexikeys with the respective actions: You can find an explanatory tour of the various opportunities provided by flexikeys here:

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