Key Combinations in Clipboard Master

These key combinations work in Clipboard Master, that is, when Clipboard Master is open. They can be used to paste an entry or select a clipboard.


Key Combinations Function
Enter or Return (Enter) Paste with formatting
Insert or Ctrl + Enter or Tab Paste as text without formatting
Ctrl + Insert Paste file contents
1, 2, 3 et cetera up to 0 or Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 et cetera up to 0 (10 block) Paste the 1th to the nth element
Shift + Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 Paste only the nth line of the selected entry
Ctrl + V Paste the current content of the clipboard (if the first element in the list is marked)
Ctrl + M For file names with paths, paste only the file name. E.g. only MyText.doc is pasted instead of C:\Users\Documents\MyText.doc
Ctrl + U Paste shortened URL, e.g. for Twitter (a URL will be created with or
Ctrl + H Paste as text for HTML, e.g. blank spaces are converted to
Ctrl + X Convert and paste text in hexadecimal series
Ctrl + OOpen file/folder
Ctrl + Shift + SInsert via simulating key strokes


Key Combinations Function
F1 Show keyboard assignment
2 x F1 Help
Alt + F1 Show instructions
F2 Edit marked element
F3 Search
Ctrl + F Search
F4 Show clipboards
Left Show clipboards, hide after selecting the clipboard
Right or F12 Show/hide preview
Ctrl + F12 Preview: Show/hide RTF code
Ctrl + F8 Show image and/or RTF code and/or hex (in the preview)
Scrolling or second Alt key + P Pin window, meaning that the window will remain in the foreground and will not be closed.
Shift + Alt + Cursor Moves the Clipboard Master window to the corresponding edge of the screen.


Key Combinations Function
Alt + F2 Show/hide buttons
Alt + F9 Clipboards Menu
Alt + F10 Paste Menu 
Alt + F11 Current Clipboard Menu
Alt + F12 System Menu


Key Combinations Function
Shift + Ctrl + N Add new clipboard
Alt + Up or Alt + Down Move element up and/or down
F4 or Left Cursor Show list with the clipboards
Alt + 1, 2, 3 etc. to 0 Directly select clipboard 1 through 10
Alt + letter Directly select clipboard that starts with the corresponding letter
Ctrl + Tab Next clipboard
Shift + Ctrl + Tab Previous clipboard

Edit, Additional

Key Combinations Function
Ctrl + N Add new entry
F2 Edit
Esc Close window
Ctrl + F10 Pause Ctrl + V and/or abbreviation to open Clipboard Master
Ctrl + F11 Pause Ctrl + V and/or abbreviation to open Clipboard Master once
Ctrl + F12 Mark the element that was marked last time
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + F8 Mark all elements that take up a great deal of storage space

Converting Text

Key Combinations Function
Alt + F5 Trim (remove blank spaces and new lines at the end and beginning). Press twice to remove additional characters.
Alt + F6 Correct text, e.g ü - ü, ö - ö
Alt + F7Convert text to HTML code
Ctrl + F5 Convert hex text to text
Ctrl + F6 Convert text to hex text
Ctrl + F7 Convert text to HTML text, blank spaces will be replaces with   et cetera.
Shift + Ctrl + F8 Always display image and/or RTF code and/or hex

Change Upper Case/Lower Case

Key Combinations Function
Shift + Ctrl + L Change everything to lower case letters
Shift + Ctrl + U Change everything to upper case letters
Shift + Ctrl + P Make every first letter upper case

The key combinations are taken from the English words: "Lower case","Upper case" and "Proper case".

Converting Numbers

Key Combinations Function
Ctrl + Shift + D Convert number(s) to decimal(s), e.g. from hexadecimal(s)
Ctrl + Shift + X Convert numbers to hexadecimal(s)
Ctrl + Shift + B Convert numbers to binary number(s) (little endian, bit 0 right)

Password Safe 

Key Combinations Function
Win + W Open Password Safe
Ctrl + N Create new username and password
Tab or Enter Paste username and password
# or Ctrl + Insert Paste only password
F5 Show all entries


Key Combinations Function
F5 Show all elements (remove filter)
F6 Show only text
F7 Show only files and folders
F8 Show only images
F9 Show only URLs
F10 Show only email addresses
F11 Show only entries from the same program as the currently marked entry
Ctrl + A If a collection has been made: select all elements from the collection. Otherwise: Select all elements of the same type.
2 x Ctrl + A Select all elements
Shift + Ctrl + TSort list

When the Windows key is pressed

These key combinations are available when the option "Paste When the Windows Key is Released" in Settings -> Keyboard in Clipboard Master is activated.

Key Combinations Function
Win pressed: Esc Do not paste when the Win key is released
Win pressed: V Select next element
Win pressed: > Select previous element
Win pressed: Q Close Clipboard Master window
Win pressed: A Expand marking