These hotkeys are "key combinations that exist outside of Clipboard Master" and work in every Windows applications (globally) and can be used to start Clipboard Master or execute an action such as starting a program or pasting a specific text template, the simulation of keystrokes is also possible (macro). These are the default hotkeys of Clipboard Master. You can modify and add Hotkeys, so they fit to your own requirements.

  • Instead of the second Alt key, Alt + Ctrl can also be used.
  • All key combinations can be changed in the Settings.
  • Extended key combinations differentiate between the left and right Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys


Key Combinations Function
Win + V Show the Clipboard Master window
Ctrl + MenuShow the global context menu
Win + C Paste marked text to Clipboard Master (the clipboard can be selected)
Win + X Show fixed clipboard
Win + Alt + F1 Paste collection
Win + Alt + F2 Begin/end collection
Win + Alt + F3 Pause/resume all Clipboard Master functions
Win + Alt + F4 Open Clipboard Master settings
Second Alt key + 1 Paste the first element of the clipboard
Second Alt key + 2 Paste the second element of the clipboard
Second Alt key + 3 Paste the third element of the clipboard
Second Alt key + 4 Paste the fourth element of the clipboard
Second Alt key + 5 Paste the fifth element of the clipboard
second Alt key + U Paste the last URL as a shortened URL


The following key combinations are defined but not activated. You can activate them in the "Keyboard" settings.

Key Combinations Function
Win + Alt + U The marked text will be converted to upper case letters
Win + Alt + L The marked text will be converted to lower case letters
Win + Alt + P Only the first letter of all words in the marked text will be upper case
Win + Alt + X Convert marked or entered number from/to hexadecimal number
Win + Alt + T Convert the marked text from/to hexadecimal series.

The key combinations are taken from the English-language terms: upper case, lower case and proper case.


Key Combinations Function
Win + Alt + F1 Paste all collect entries at once
Win + Alt + F2 Manually start collection
Esc End ongoing collection


To create a Screenshot:

Key Combinations Function
Alt + Print Screenshot of the complete active window
Print Start screenshot tool
Press Print again Select area manually

When creating a screenshot:

Key Combinations Function
Space bar Define area
F1 Quick help
Ctrl + F1 Online help
F9 Include/exclude scrollbars
F10 Show context menu
F12 Change display mode: red frames or darkened
+ Increase area on all sides by 1 pixel
- Reduce area on all sides by 1 pixel
Cursor keys Move area by 1 pixel
Ctrl + cursor keys Move area by 10 pixels
Shift + cursor keys Change width/height by 1 pixel