Clipboard Master Instructions

In the following instructions, we will show you step-by-step how to use Clipboard Master and how Clipboard Master functions. Either click on Start to being the instructions or select a theme from those offered on the left.

Tip: You will find a description of the essential CMB terms in the Glossary.


Overview of the structure and functions of Clipboard Master. Read

Copy, Collect and Paste

We will show you how to copy, collect and paste images, files and folders here. Read


Clipboard Master stores copies as entries. You can read about how to quickly find, create and edit entries here. Read


You can organize entries within clipboards. You can read how to use Clipboard Master clipboards here. Read

Create Screenshots

You can quickly and easily create and paste screenshots with Clipboard Master. Read

Password Safe

Clipboard Master offers the special clipboard "Password Safe". Read

Global Context Menu

You can always access the global context menu by pressing Ctrl + menu , which offers direct access to numerous functions so that you do not have to memorize complete key combinations. Read

Key Combinations

Everything you need to know about hotkeys, flexikeys and key combinations. Read

Special Functions

You can also edit text, numbers and URLs with Clipboard Master. You can also use macros in entries to provide the current date or operate Clipboard Master via the command line. Read

Helpful Tips

You will find tips & tricks and examples here. Read


Detailed description of all settings. Read