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Paste Methods

Clipboard Master Settings 03 Paste

Select which of the standard paste methods should be used from the drop-down field:

  • Ctrl + V
    is the default setting and works in most programs.
  • Shift + Insert
    Some programs only recognize Shift + Insert.
  • Simulate Keystrokes Simulate keystrokes (almost) always works but is slow with long text.

Program-Specific Setting
If Ctrl + V does not work in a program, please use the program-specific setting.


Move Pasted Element To Beginning of List 

Paste In Reverse Order When Elements 1 to n Are Marked 

You have copied some elements to the clipboard. When you open Clipboard Master, the list of copied elements is displayed in reverse order so that the newest element (the one last copied) is at the top. If you now mark and paste these elements, the element will also be pasted in this order - that is, with the element last copied first.

If you would like to use the elements in the order you copied them, activate the option "Paste In Reverse Order When Elements 1 to N Are Marked":

The element first copied will now be pasted in the first position instead of the last.

Tip: If you deactivate this option, you can still paste elements in chronological order:

  1. Mark the nth element, "first text" in the above example
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Up to mark the previous element as well
  3. Paste with the Enter key

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