Useful hotkeys and functions for:

Convert, calulate


DownloadCalculate expression with key Num

Type an expression e.g. like 4*12 and then press the Num key at the num block. The result will be entered. 
» Further infos.

DownloadCalculate expression with key F12

Same as above but for laptops and keyboards witut a num block. Sure, you can defie an othe hotkey
» Further infos .

DownloadGlobal contex menü with Ctrl + Menu key

Select a text a numbver or a mathematical expression. Then press Ctrl + menu, and Clipboard Master will show its global context menü. Via that menu you can 
- convert the selected text, e.g. search and replace
- do search in e.g. Google, google maps, Amazon, ...
- calculate the expression
This works in any application

» Further infos about the global context menu

Note: this Hotkey is already active in the default installation.

DownloadPaste last URL shortened with AltGr + U

When preswsing the hotkey AltGr + U (right Alt + U) the last URL stored in the Clipboard Masters list will be shortened and the pasted. E.g. for the shortened URL be pasted

Note: this Hotkey is already active in the default installation.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click at the according download icon.
  2. Save the file:
    1. Depending on the browser and settings the file will be loaded automatically and the Clipboard Master settings wil be started with the import dialog.
    2. If not:
      In Chrome save the file and the click at the bottom of the brwoser at the file.
      In FireFox accpet "Open with Clipboard Master Settings Dialog".
      In case the browser shows the file contents, please click back and then RIGHT click the download icon and select 'Save as'. After the download start the file e.g. with a double click.
  3. In the Clipboard Master settings press 'OK'.