Useful hotkeys and functions for:

Copy and Paste

Here are some hotkeys when you intensly use the clipbaord. 

DownloadCopy (Ctrl + C) but when you press and release Ctrl left

Just press and release left Ctrl and this will act like Ctrl + C. When you press left Ctrl and any other key, e.g. Ctrl + A no copy will be done.
You can modify this hotkey e.g. to Strg, so yoiu can use left or right Ctrl top copy.

DownloadPaste with Shift + Ctrl

Instead of Ctrl + V you can now press Shift + Ctrl , which is easier to handle.          

DownloadPaste without format with Shift + Ctrl + V

Often you only want to paste the text, but without the formatting from e.g. Word or a webpage.
Use this hotkey to simply paste the text (without any format)

DownloadPaste nth item with Alt + 1...5

Pastes the 1st (Alt + 1) ... the 5th item (Alt + 5).

DownloadPaste via the Quickmenu with Win + Q

With this hotkey you can press Win + Q to show the Quickmenu of Clipboard Master. E.g. in case you prefer a menu instead of the Clipboard Masters list.
Note: this hotkey wil be installed with Clipboard Master autmatically. But here you can download that hotkey in caser you have deleted it.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click at the according download icon.
  2. Save the file:
    1. Depending on the browser and settings the file will be loaded automatically and the Clipboard Master settings wil be started with the import dialog.
    2. If not:
      In Chrome save the file and the click at the bottom of the brwoser at the file.
      In FireFox accpet "Open with Clipboard Master Settings Dialog".
      In case the browser shows the file contents, please click back and then RIGHT click the download icon and select 'Save as'. After the download start the file e.g. with a double click.
  3. In the Clipboard Master settings press 'OK'.