Easy of access Global Key Combinations (Hotkeys)"Define Global Key Combination" Dialog

Define new key combination and action 

Edit/modify key combination 

Remove key combination 

Move key combination up in the list 

Move key combination down in the list

Global Key Combination

Clipboard Master Settings 05 Global Key Combinations

Show Clipboard 
Specify the key combination used to open the Clipboard Master list. Win + V is the default setting. To specify a different key combination, click on the entry field and press the desired key combination.

Click on the button to the right of the entry field for advanced settings.

Additional Key Combinations

All additionally defined global key combinations (= hotkeys) are listed here. You can define additional key combinations here. The buttons have the following functions:

Edit/Modify Existing Key Combination 
Edit an existing key combination by double clicking on an entry in the list or by pressing F2.

Define New Key Combination and Action 
Add a new key combination by clicking on the button "Define New Key Combination and Action".

» "Define New Key Combination" Dialog: