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Clipboard Master Einstellungen CopyTo und AutoCopy

CopyTo Toolbar

You can define multiple CopyTo toolbars - e.g. one general and one which is only shown in the windows explorer for files. 

Show these buttons

Here you can define the buttons to be shown in the CopyTo toolbar.
Greyed buttons are not shown. Press Space to enable them.

By pressing the button 'New' you can add a new button from templates (e.g. websearch, or search on ebay) or define an user defined button.    


  • Show buttons for recently used programs
    When activated, aditional to the button defined above, buttons for the last used programs are shown.
  • Paste text always as plain text (remove formatting)
    When activated, text will be pasted as plain text (without formatting).
  • Hide CopyTo buttons after ... seconds
    The CopyTo button will be hidden automatically after x seconds.
  • Program related settings
    Define in which program the CopyTo Toolbar shall be shown and in which not.

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