Clipboard Master Support

Do you have any questions about Clipboard Master? On this page, we offer you a number of ways to answer your questions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, please read our comprehensive FAQs. You can quickly and easily scan the topics to see if your question has already been answered.

Tips & Tricks / Examples

Clipboard Master is a comprehensive and powerful program. This is why we have put together both Tips and Tricks for Using Clipboard Master and Examples for you.

Revision History

All changes between the Clipboard Master versions are listed in the Revision History.

System Requirements and Supported Programs

Check the system requirements to see which versions of Windows you can use Clipboard Master with and what programs are supported.

Clipboard Master Instructions

You can get to know Clipboard Master step-by-step in our complete Clipboard Master Instructions.

Clipboard Master Key Combinations

You can operate Clipboard Master most effectively using a keyboard. You can find an overview of the Clipboard Master key combinations here.

Clipboard Master Settings

You can easily adapt Clipboard Master to your needs and ways of working; we have already prepared instructions for the Clipboard Master settings for you.