Revision history

Version 5.8.0


  • Neue Features:
    • Reprogrammed parts of suggestions in text/input fields:
      With AltGr/Alt Right + Leertaste previous input in the current text field are shown.
      Settings -> Autotext -> Settings -> Input fields
    • Now cbm can block the windows amd MS Office hotkeys, such as Win + Alt + Ctrl + Shift oder Win + Alt + Ctrl + Shift + char. When cbm detects such a hotkey has been pressed and e.g. Office (365) or is started, cbm shows a dialog where you can block the according hotkey or e.g. all hotkeys with Win + Alt + Ctrl + Shift . (Settigns -> Keyboad -> remap or disbale keys -> Tasten umbelegen oder deaktivieren -> Tab 'Key combinations')
    • Improved the dialog 'Search and Replace'
    • Password Safe: improved suggestions of password: cbm shows a list of 3 password suggestions. You just have to select one
    • Optimizations fpor slow systems
    • Improved symchronising common clipboards (deleting and moving items)
    • Many little improvments
    • Better support for cyrillic characters
  • Behobene Probleme und Fehler:
    • Several bug fixes

Version 5.7.1


  • New Features:
    • Font size for dialog can now be changed (Settings ⇒ Miscellaneous  ⇒ Font size for dialogs)
    • Windows scripting host (WSH) was used for some functions. This has beem reprogrammed, so the WSH is no  longer required for these function
  • Behobene Probleme und Fehler:
    • Bux fixes

Version 5.7.0


  • New Features:
    • Better support for UAW (modern UI) and Web Apps.
    • Done changes for Windows 11 dark mode and contrast designs
    • Little improvements
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Pasting in Thunderbird (e.g. in an emails) took up to several seconds
    • Fixed bug with Hotkeys like Ctrl + K, E
    • Fixed bug with flexikeys
    • Fixed minor bugs

Version 5.6.0


  • New Features:
    • Adress-Wizard: Detecting addresses improved, multiple addresses can now be stored
    • Files and folders can now be pasted as hardlink: clipboard list => context menu => paste special => paste as hardlink
    • Paste file/folder in window terminal, powershell or command line: use Ctrl + Return to paste the real path instead of the localized path,
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Fixed a bug ex-/importing settings (macros, rules)
    • fixed some minor issues

Version 5.5.0


  • New Features:
    • Revised some dialogs
    • Reprogrammed displaying the list Liste: now faster and less memory usage.
    • Improved the pinned menus
    • Drag & Drop: filenames with unicode characters are now handled correctly
    • Updated some components, fewer files (dll, ocx) are required
    • Hotkeys like Strg + k ,1 are now possible
    • New macro function: Windows Explorer: new Tab (Windows 11) and reopen last closed tab
    • Files in zip folders and attachments in Outlook are now handled correctly
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Dialog 'Search and replace': fixed display problem
    • Drag & Drop did sometimes not work
    • Fixed bug with then network clipboard
    • Fixed bug with autotext
    • Other formats were sometimes not saved
    • fixed some minor issues

Version 5.3.0


  • New Features:
    • CopyTo is now available, buttons can be configured, ...
    • New function for macros to modify the text in the windows clipboard
    • Improved Im-/Export of settings
    • Improved some dialogs
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Focus was sometimes "stolen"
    • fixed several issues

Version 5.2.0


  • New Features:
    • Autotext (Autokorrektur, Autotextkürzel, Vorschläge) reprogrammed
    • Paste diacrits, symbol, greek, cyrillic, hebrew, ... characters improved
    • Improved im- and export of settings and clipboards
    • Optimizations
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Password Safe: fixed problem with unicode
    • fixed minor issues
    • Double/multiple tray icons should no longer occur

Version 5.1.0


  • New Features:
    • Dialogs 'Settings' and 'Define hotkey' are now shown much faster
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Tested all hotkey functions, and fixed minor issues
    • Network clipboard: new items were sometimes not shown
    • Fixed problem rules with regular expressions
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 5.0.2


  • New Features:
  • Fixed problems and bugs:
    • Collections:
      - sometimes a wrong item pqwas pasted
      - Ctrl + V, Alt + Esc did not work with some configurations

Version 5.0.1


  • Neue Features:
    • Improved Screenshot Tool
    • Synchronisation (common clipboards) improved
  • Behobene Probleme und Fehler:
    • Autotext did not work in Version 5.0.0
    • fixed minor issues

Version 5.0.0


  • New Features:
    • Pinned Menüs: replacing fixed clipboards
    • Improved clipboard list
    • Reprogrammed collections:
      - collections are now show and pinned list
      - multiple collections possible
      - can now be saved and loaded later
      - added context menu
      - fixed problems
    • Improved autotext shortcuts, e.g. to paste when last key is pressed longer than 300ms
    • Improved storing texts in input boxes
    • Improved positioning of at the text cursor (caret)
    • Improved program specific settings (for hotkeys, mouse actions etc.)
    • Done test on Windows 11: no problems so far.t
    • may little improvements
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • New clipboard in a cloud folder (Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.) did sometime not work properly
    • Network clipboard: fix 2 bugs
    • Common clipboard: fixed bug with the synchronisation
    • improved autotext
    • fixed several minor bugs

Version 4.10.8


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Some bug fixes

Version 4.10.7


  • New Features:
    • some improvements
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.10.6


  • New Features:
    • Preview can now show animated gifs
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Autotext: fixed problems
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.10.5


  • New Features:
    • Dialog search and replace / rename files: improved dialog, added a preview
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Dialog search and replace / rename files: some option did not work
    • Fixed problem with copying to the network clipboard
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.10.4


  • New Features:
    • New hotkey action: Fill a form: sets the focus to the next text field and pastes a defined text or an item from the multi clipboard. Can send any keystrokes if required
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Last version:
      - Unable to write to .. was show multiple times
      - ClipboardMasterToolos.exe was not found
      - Installation folder was wrong
    • Pasting in cmd.exe: fixed problem with special characters e.g. \

Version 4.10.2


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Clipboard Master sometimes deactivated itself
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.10.1


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Fixed problems with mouse and keyboard
    • Fixed problem starting Clipboard Master 

Version 4.10.0


  • New Features:
    • done several optimizations
    • improved list with glyphs and special characters
    • Network clipboard improved and fixed bugs
    • added rules
    • added Settings -> more -> Problems
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • sometimes the hotkey did not work
    • fixed problem with 3rd and 4th mouse button
    • fixed several other issues

Version 4.9.3


  • New Features:
    • done some optimizations
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.9.2


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Pasting per left click on list did not paste correctly
    • Sometimes items were missing

Version 4.9.1


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Hotkey to show list did not work after last update on some machines
    • mouse function
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.9.0


  • New Features:
    • New hotkey: PC Settings and subitems can now be shown directly (Windows 10)
    • New hotkey, new flexi key, new rule can now be created via the global context menu
    • Improved list with special characters, glyphs and diacritis: now a horizontal list, items can be edited
    • Long pressing a key can now insert the upper char and display a list with special characters, glyphs and diacritics.
      (Settings -> keyboard -> ease of access)
    • Hotkey to shutdown, sleep, logoff Windows: added some options
    • Dialog New Hotkey improved
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Fixed problem with then Network clipboard
    • Pinned list: fixed some problems
    • Sometimes Clipboard Master did hang
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.8.6


  • New Features:
    • The settings dialog is now kept in memory, so it appears much faster
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed bug with the password safe: sometimes items were not decrypted correctly
    • Updater showed an error box in the last version

Version 4.8.5


  • New Features:
    • Seach in all clipboards: open the Clipboard Master list and press F3 twice, Or start typing to search and then press F3
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed bug with the password safe: sometimes items were not decrypted correctly

Version 4.8.4


  • New Features:
    • done some optimizations
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed bug with the password safe: sometimes items were not decrypted correctly

Version 4.8.3


  • New Features:
    • Improved merging of cliplists.
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Fixed crash in the last version

Version 4.8.2


  • New Features:
    • Now you can check your credentials (user names/email addresses and password) via Have I been Pawnd? ( in the password safe, all items or only selecteds.
    • Common clipboards are now synchronized (merged). Before just the newer file was used.
    • Done modifications for Firefox, Edge and VMWare.
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed little issues

Version 4.8.1


  • New Features:
    • Improved editing items
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • fixed little issues

Version 4.8.0


  • New Features:
    • Modern UI Apps (Windows 8/10 Apps):
      - Pasting secure passwords now working (without simulating keys and without using the clipboard)
      - Screenshots: autosnap is now working
      - Capturing the text of a control, e.g. a text box or a label is now working
    • Now with a text module keys can be simulated: edit text module -> Options -> Button 'Keys'
  • Fixed bugs and problems:
    • Deleting all/many items took very long
    • Position of the caret (Text cursor) can now be retrieved correctly in ModernUI Apps, Firefox, Chrome, Iron, Opera, Thunderbird, Visual Studio a.o., so the list shows at the correct position
    • Fixed problems with pinning menus
    • fixed little issues

Version 4.7.1


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • some little bug fixes

Version 4.7.0


  • New Features:
    • Reprogrammed collection, much easier to use now, details
  • Fixed bugs:
    • some little bug fixes

Version 4.6.4


  • New Features:
    • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Password safe, secure pasting: sometimes random characters were pasted, too
    • Clipboard Master did sometimes hang, when an application did hang
    • some little bug fixes

Version 4.6.3


  • New Features:
    • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • some little bug fixes

Version 4.6.2


  • New Features:
    • Improved the passwort safe
      - passwords can now be generated
      - improved dialog
    • New rule: the windows clipboard can now be deleted automatically
    • Moving items to another cliplist improved (Shift+Ctrl+V, Ctrl + Left)
    • Positioning on multiple displays improved
    • Autotext: Improved pasting
    • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Pasting using the mouse via the Tray Icon menu did not work on some systems

Version 4.6.1


  • New Features:
    • Replacing text with regular expressions is now possible:
      - in the replace dialog
      - replacing text via a hotkey
      - replacing text with a rule
    • Paste only a part of the text in the clipboard:
      Open the list, then press <Ctrl + Right> or <Shift + Right> to select a part of the text and press <Enter> to paste
    • Edit directly in the list:
      Press <Ctrl + Right> or <Shift + Right> in the list, modify the text and press <Return>
    • Menuitems with subitems can now be dragged and drop from the menu to a window (or by pressing F12 when the menu item is selected)
    • some minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with the updater

Version 4.6.0


  • New Features:
    • Screenshots: Autosnap now removes e.g. white borders around a selected image or text
    • Improved import
    • Import from ClipMate now supported
    • Shot down., Logoff etc. can now be scheduled e.g. when 
      - all downloads have been finished
      - a window or a program is closed
      - when CPU Load drops under x% for some seconds
      - when prograss bar(s) have reached 100%
    • Minor improvements, e.g. menu is now shonw faster
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug adding new items manually
    • New Items were not stored permanently in some configurations
    • Fixed problems with the items in the password safe
    • Drag&drop of items to another cliplist had problems
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.5.6


  • New Features:
    • Hotkeys to convert to upper/lower/proper case now works for file names  and folder names selected in the Windows explorer
    • Modifying text via a hotkey can now have several replacememts, etc. E.g. replace all _ with space, and then coonvert all to proper case
    • Dialog clipboard properties improved
    • Done changes so that this version can read future file formats
    • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Creating a new clipboard did not work on some systems
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.5.5


  • New Features:
    • Done modifications for newer Googles Chrome
    • Made adaptions to high contrast themes
    • Copied FTP files are now displayed as such in Clipboard Master, and can be pasted via Clipboard Master
    • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problems with the ~ key
    • Sometimes keyboard input was blocked
    • Autotext: sometimes a typed character was deleted
    • Fixed minor problems

Version 4.5.4


  • New Features:
    • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed minor problems

Version 4.5.3


  • New Features:
    • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed minor problems

Version 4.5.2


  • New Features:
    • New hotkey function: switch keyboard layout
    • Improved function 'key long pressed for upper case'
    • Installation now installs on old offline systems the required certificate
    • Done modifications for Kaspersky Secure Banking
    • Pasting user name and password now works in the Avast Secure Browser and the Avira Scout Browser
    • Little improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problems editing items (when using the context menu)
    • Fixed problem with positioning the list e.g. in browsers

Version 4.5.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problems with accents (e.g. é è) in version 4.5

Version 4.5.0


  • New Features:
    • Improved secure pasting
    • Improved hotkeys with a given duration to be pressed
    • New Flexi Key function: paste text. E.g. Pressing \ after exact one characters pastes :\
    • Added new hotkeys for download
    • Textes from menu can not be copied (Strg+C)
    • Function Simulating Mouse buttons: now in combination with Shift, Ctrl, Alt possible
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problems with the password safe
    • Focus was sometime not set correct e.g. in Chrome
    • Fixed problems with hotkey 2 x AltGr and AltGr pressed for e.g. 300 milliseconds
    • Filter types from file open/save dialogs were added to the clip list

Version 4.2.0


  • New Features:
    • Improved common clipboards
    • Hotkeys and mouse buttons: now a time in milliseconds can be specified fopr which the key/button has to be pressed at least. E.g. right click: normal right click. long right click (e.g. 300 ms): Paste or call the context menu
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with the mouse
    • Fixed some minor issues
    • Fixed problems with hotkey 2 x AltGr

Version 4.1.4


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Mouse in Windows 10:
      Left + right click disabled, because this caused problems on Windows 10

Version 4.1.3


  • New Features:
    • Left + right click: now working on Windows 10 e.g. to show the list (must be enabled in the settings -> mouse)
    • Favorites: press Ctrl + Shift + F in the list, and the select item will always be on the top of the list
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Sometimes Clipboard Master was ended without reason
    • Left + right click: sometimes a context menu was shown
    • Quick menu was slow and could hang on slow machines

Version 4.1.2


  • New Features:
    • Did some optimisations
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with hotkeys Win + key
    • Fixed problem Bitdefender
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.1.1


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed some minor issues
    • Windows Defender did falsely detect a virus in ClipboardMasterTools2.exe and removed the file. 

Version 4.1.0


  • New Features:
    • Hotkeys with Win + key do now work in Google Chrome with Kaspersky Antivir/Internet Security installed
    • Done optimizations for slow systems
    • Several little optimizations
    • New file format
    • Position of the list in Visual Studio now near the text caret
    • Hoteys Win + key now working in Firefox.exe with Kaspersky Internet Security active
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with chinese windows
    • Fixed some minor issues
    • Fixed problem with ClipboardMasterTools.exe

Version 4.0.9


  • New Features:
    • done some optimizations, e.g. showing the list
  • Fixed bugs:
    • removed expiry date

Version 4.0.8


  • New Features:
    • Bulk File Renamer: now you can rename multiple files easily » Details
    • done some optimizations
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed propblems with autocopy

Version 4.0.7


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Deleting all or several items did not work
    • Items in the tray icon menu were sometimes not updated
    • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 4.0.6


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Password safe: on some systems wrong characters were pasted
    • Secure pasting did not work properly on slow systems
    • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 4.0.5


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed bug in last version: last copied element appeared as second item and not as first

Version 4.0.4


  • New Features:
    • Done modifications for Windows 10
    • Done modifications for the editor Atom
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problems with the context menu key
    • small fixes, e.g. fixed crash on Windows Server 2012

Version 4.0.3


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • small fixes

Version 4.0.2


  • New Features:
    • Common clipboards:
      - are now stored compressed
      - pictures can now be stored
    • Improved scrolling for slow systems
    • Printer for screenshots can now be set (right click at the printzer button)
    • The Firefox Extension can now be installed/uninstalled in the Settings -> Miscellaneous
    • The line height of the list can now be increased (Context menü->View->Fontsize)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed some minor bugs/problems

Version 4.0.1


  • skipped

Version 4.0


  • New Features:
    • Screenshots: 
      - reprogrammed the selected windows which is now really smooth
      - in FireFox now the complete page can be captured (and not only the visible area), Key F2 or via the context menu in the screenshot tool
    • Copying to a VMWares virtual machine now working
    • Global context menu: with 'add to' the selected text, file, picture, ... can be easily added to a clipboard
    • 'New clipboard' now starts a wizard, to e.g. add a common clipboard or to add a clipboard which loads it textes from a text oir excel file (and updates it automatically)
    • Improved common clipboards: reloading is now faster when items have modified on another computer
    • Printing of pictures is now possible (Ctrl+P)
    • Screenshots can now be printed with one click
  • Fixed bug:

Version 3.10.2


  • New Features:
    • Global context menu: with 'add to' the selected text, file, picture, ... can be easily added to a clipboard
    • Done modifications for high resolution displays: fonts etc were blurry, too large, position of the list was wrong
  • Fixed bug:
    • fixed problem with Ctrl+C in last version
    • fixed problem with the list: sometimes the element above or below was pasted
    • simulating the keys page down/up did not work
    • Fixed problems with hotkeys Ahift+AltGr and n-times Shift
    • fixed problems with screenshot tool with swapped monitors 1 and 2, and with offset
    • fixed some minor issues

Version 3.10.0


  • New Features:
    • Improved "Secure Pasting": now the text is send direktly to the active windows, normal key logger will not get any key at all. In addition several dummy keys are simulated which the key logger will get, but not the input field.
    • New hotkey function: resize current window to a standard size (800x600, 1024x900, etc.)
    • Global context menu: added a tools section for e.g. screenshot tool, virtual keyboard, ...
    • Modified the tools sub menu in the tray icon context menu
  • Fixed bug:
    • some optimizations
    • fixed some bugs, e.g. the context menu in Winword dissappeared after 2 seconds

Version 3.9.2


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bug:
    • fixed: Clipboard Master could cause the windows explorer to crash
    • finally fixed the crash on some Windows 8/8.1 systems

Version 3.9.1


  • New Features:
    • Improved handling of hotkeys with 2 keys (e.g. T+W)
  • Fixed bug:
    • Fixed crash on Windows 8.1 (in module msftedit.dll)
    • fixed some bugs

Version 3.9.0


  • New Features:
    • Windows 8/8.1 Apps: 
      - Clipboard Master now works here like in desktop application
      - the tray icon menu can be opened with Win+Alt+F12 without the desktop being activated
    • Clipboard Master now works completely in programs launched with administrator privileges, without being launched with administrator privileges itself. Though, Clipboard Master is not stared with administrator privileges, the option in the settings has been removed
    • New hotkey function: Sticky Keys
      Similar to the Windows Sticky keys, Shift, Ctrl, Alt and the Windows key remain pressed till the next key is pressed. So, e.g. Ctrl and A can be pressed one after another instead of pressing the together. And with this function you can type the next word or next sentence in upper case. Clipboard Master will then switch back to lower case automatically. Or with Caps Lock now the number keys can remain as numbers and not !"$§...
    • Mouse functionality can now disabled depending on the current application
  • Fixed bug:
    • some optimisations
    • fixed some bugs

Version 3.8.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Total Commander: fixed problem with long right click
    • Fixed problem with the fixed clipboard
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 3.8.0


  • New Features:
    • New hotkeys:
      - e.g. Ctrl + 2xA or Win + Alt + 4xP
      - Pressing 2 keys at once cannow be a hotkey, e.g. A + 1 or Num 0 + Num 1
        e.g. Press E+R  to insert 
      é and E+W to insert è (when the hotkeys are defined)
      - Now multiple hotkeys can be enabled or disabled at once (with one hotkey)
    • New flexikey: complete enviroment variable, e.g. to complete %t with %temp%
    • Windows clipboard contents is now restored after pasting via Clipboard Master 
    • Improved dialog 'Search and replace' (via global context menu -> Modify text -> 'Replace... text):
      - Enumeration and bullets con now be selected easily
    • Rules: text copied to the Windows clipboard can now be modifed/proccessed via a vbs script automatically
    • Settings: Section 'Screenshot' is now section 'Tools'
    • Changes for Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  • Fixed bug:
    • Pasting via the quick menu did paste in the wrong window (sometimes)
    • Fixed problem with outlook 2013, 64 bit
    • Fixed bug completing foldernames
    • Starting with Admin privileges did not work on some systems
    • Fixed problem with the mouse when the user has activated 'swap mouse buttons' (controla panel -> mouse)
    • Some little improvments

Version 3.7.6


  • New Features:
    • Password Safe: secure pasting did not work when 'Secure banking' of Kaspersky Internet Security is active
    • added macro {#firstnamefrom}
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Pasting on windows key release did not work
    • Fixed problems with Excel
    • Fixed bug: spanish keyboard: e.g. '] instead [ was inserted
    • Fixed bug importing settings
    • Option 'Running with Administrator privileges' did not work

Version 3.7.5


  • New Features:
    • New hotkeys: press n times Shift or Control to start an action
    • Simulating key strokes:now a delay between the key strokes can be defined (settings -> psate -> program specific settings)
  • Fixed bug:
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 3.7.4


  • New Features:
    • Optimized display routines
    • Added URL shortener and
    • Updated the links to the new homepage
    • Updated the french language file
  • Fixed bug:
    • Password manager: Fixed problem pasting user name and password
    • Fixed problem with collections
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 3.7.3


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bug:
    • Fixed problem with the settings on russian windows (and other unicode languages)
    • Fixed problem with hotkey Shift + Caps Lock
    • Fixed problem pasting user name and password when Kaspersky Internet Security is installed
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 3.7.2


  • New Features:
  • Fixed bug:
    • Displaying list was sometimes slow
    • Fixed problem with Outlook when Clipboard Master was started with Admin privileges
    • Postion in Chrome was wrong
    • Fixed problem of the last version: Hotkey Ctrl+Menu did appear multiple times
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 3.7.1


  • New Features:
    • All settings are now stored in unicode
  • Fixed bug:
    • Edit Dialog dissapeared with some configurations (in Version 3.7.0)
    • fixed problem pasting the password in Chrome and Firefox
    • fixed some minor bugs






Version 3.5.0


  • New features:
    • Globally configurable mouse buttons:
      All mouse buttons (together with Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Win, also separated by left and right button) can now be assigned any function available in Clipboard Master; scripts can also be executed. E.g. center mouse button: double click, Ctrl + right mouse button: global context menu.
    • Search and replace:
      Dialog revised
      New options for sorting as well as deleting lines
    • Windows 8/8.1:
      Changes for Windows 8/8.1 apps (list was sometimes not displayed)
      Tests conducted with Windows 8.1
    • Screenshot tool revised
    • Some routines optimized
    • AutoText and flexikeys are no longer active when a menu is displayed
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Predefined hotkeys with second Alt key and/or right Alt are now defined with Win + Alt as special characters no longer worked on some keyboards, e.g. right Alt + Z / second Alt key + Z.
    • Problems with combination characters corrected, e.g. é, which requires 2 keys to be pressed on German keyboards.
    • Error when dragging entries into the password safe has been corrected
    • Error when zipping/unzipping files corrected
    • Error when converting to hexadecimal numbers corrected
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 3.2.1


  • New features:
    • Windows 8 apps: The global context menu now also works in Windows 8 apps.
    • Importing and creating new clipboards improved
  • Corrected problems and errors:

Version 3.2.0


  • New features:
    • Windows 8 apps: Clipboard Master now also works with apps in Windows 8.8.1: Display lists, quick menu, password manager, screenshot tool
    • Positioning on multi-screen systems with negative coordinates is now correct
    • List with last used path(s): A button is now display in the file open and save dialog to open the list
    • Tests conducted with Vim: cursor position is now correctly detected
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Problems with ending the program corrected
    • Problems with pasting AutoText abbreviations via second Alt key + spacebar corrected (Shift button "froze")
    • Problems with Excel corrected, e.g. list with last used path(s) did not work

Version 3.1.1


  • New features:
    • Attachments copied in Outlook are now correctly saved and are later available for pasting
    • Menu editor improved and errors corrected
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Error with hotkeys corrected
    • Error in global context menu corrected
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 3.1.0


  • New features:
    • Zip/unzip/compress and decompress files
    • Help/manual have been further developed
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 3.0.4


  • New features:
    • Context menu: Modify text has been expanded, e.g. add number by line, delete from/to this character
    • Help/manual have been further developed
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 3.0.2


  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Sometimes text is pasted instead of the image just copied (the remove text formatting rule will now not be executed if an image is (also) in the clipboard)
    • Calculations were sometimes also conducted if a letter was before the first number
    • Clipboard Master sometimes has blocked drives so that they cannot be ejected.
    • Problems with Swiss keyboards corrected (~ and ´).
    • Error notification with Outlook corrected
    • Caps Lock () status is now restored after pasting
    • Amongst others

Version 3.0.1


  • New features:
    • the initial configuration has been expanded: all hotkeys and flexikeys are now possible
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Smaller errors corrected, e.g. editing of groups
    • instructions updated

Version 3.0


  • New features:
    • Global context menu: Open with <Ctrl+ menu key> - offers numerous options for modifying the text just typed or marked (e.g. convert everything to upper case or lower case letters, indents, et cetera), searching for the term in the web (e.g. with Google, on eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, et cetera)
    • Show list with paths of the Explorer windows currently open for faster pasting, e.g. in "Save As" dialogs
    • Flexikeys improved
    • Expanded hotkeys
      - Hotkeys can now be defined that only function with the left or the right Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows keys or a combination thereof - or also only when the left and right Shift keys are pressed with a letter
      - Additional functions added
    • Hotkeys and flexikeys:
      - New flexikey: Replace environmental variables with a value, e.g. %APPDATA% -> C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming
      - Preview of some flexikeys is now possible
      - They can now be active only in file open/save dialogs
    • Password safe:
      - Secure storage of usernames and passwords:
      When possible, the entry fields are completed directly, without saving to the clipboard
      and without simulating keystrokes. If this is not possible,
      an alternating combination from the clipboard and simulated keystrokes
      will be used to make things harder for spy tools.
      - Data is only stored in an encrypted form
    • Admin rights:
      - Clipboard Master can now also be run (or activated) with admin rights so that it also functions in programs that are run with admin rights (Settings -> Miscellaneous)
      - If Clipboard Master is not run with admin rights and a program is run (or activated) with admin rights, Clipboard Master will indicate that it cannot work there
    • Colors and fonts:
      - Can now be changed/adjusted globally and for individual programs
      - The font and colors for the lists can now be correspondingly set in cmd.exe and powershell.exe
    • Setup assistant (quick configuration) revised
    • Settings dialogs improved
    • Read last names from email now works for Windows Live Mail and Tobit David Info Center directly (keys are no longer simulated)
    • Positioning in programs that use their own text cursor, e.g. OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Papyrus, ThinkFree Office has been improved
    • Font sizes are now correctly displayed in the Windows DPI setting <> 96.
    • Numerous detail improvements, such as that selected entries can now be sorted or the order of the lines can be changed
    • Context Menu -> Tools -> Marked Text ...: Many new functions have been added, e.g. change marked text, comment out or search in Google or Wikipedia, translate
    • Screenshot tool improved: Selection of elements below the mouse cursor now works better
    • Filter:
      If the filter is used in the list of URLs (<F9>) or email addresses (<F10>), the corresponding email addresses and/or URLs will be extracted from these entries and only these will be displayed
    • New rules:
      - Extra email addresses from text
      - Extract URLs from text
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Rule: Remove formatting in the Windows clipboard only worked after changing applications
    • Small errors have been corrected
    • Collection errors have been corrected
    • Sorting did not work
    • Clipboard Master stopped on some systems/laptops when they were placed in sleep mode
    • Hanging behavior corrected, Clipboard Master systems locks up the computer completely

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