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Paste Faster Using the Keyboard

  1. Click on the tray icon -> "Settings" -> "Settings".
  2. Click on "Show Advanced Settings" in the settings.
  3. Activate the option "Paste When the Windows Key is Released" under "Keyboard" -> "In Clipboard Master" -> "Advanced"

This option results in the following:

If you want to paste a Clipboard Master entry in a program, press Win + V and then only the V key. Press V again to scroll down through the entries. Then release the Windows key to paste the selected entry.

Pasting With the Mouse

  1. Open Clipboard Master by pressing the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.
  2. Use the mouse wheel to select the desired entry.
  3. Use the right mouse button to paste the entry. Note: The mouse cursor must be outside of the Clipboard Master window.

Searching and Filtering 

You copied an entry to the clipboard some time ago and you would to quickly find and paste it:

Text Search

  1. Open CMB with Win + V.
  2. Simply type in part of the text. The search field appears automatically and will automatically display the entries that match your search.

Tip: Entries displayed in bold contain the initial words of the text being searched for.

Filter By Program

You have copied something in Outlook and you would now like to paste it:

  1. Open CMB with Win + V.
  2. Type "outlook.exe". The search field appears automatically and entries are displayed that were copied from Outlook.

Filter By Entry Type

You have copied various types of entries, e.g. text, email address and links, and you now want to paste only email addresses:

  1. Open CMB with Win + V.
  2. Press F10 to display only entries of the type "email address".

Tip: You can find additional key combinations in Key Combinations for Filtering By Entry Type.

Pasting Text Templates

In Clipboard Master, you have multiple clipboards containing text template, e.g. for "Letters & Salutations":

  1. Open CMB with Win + V.
  2. Press Alt + L ("L" is the first letter of the clipboard) to display the clipboard "Letters & Salutations".
  3. Select the desired text entry from the list and then press Insert or Tab.

Delete and Manage Entries

Manual Deletion

Simply delete a selected text entry with the Delete key. You can select all entries in a list with Ctrl + A and then delete all of them with Delete.

Automatic Deletion of Entries

You can specify in the properties of a clipboard that the entries should be automatically deleted, e.g. after x days or hours.

Delete Using the Tray Icon

Click on the tray icon and use the cursor keys to select a text entry. Press Delete to delete it.

Move Entries To Another Clipboard

In the context menu of a text template/entry, select "Move To..." or press Ctrl + Shift + V when an entry is marked.

Create Screenshots

  1. Press the Print key once to automatically select the area under the mouse cursor.
  2. Press the Print key again to manually select the area.
  3. Click the left mouse button on the selected area or press the Insert key to create a screenshot of the selected area.

Paste Shortened URLs


  1. Copy a URL (address of a webpage) by press Ctrl + C.
  2. Switch to the program you would like to paste the URL in.
  3. Press second Alt key + U to paste the last copied URL shortened.

Tip: The last copied URL is always pasted shortened with second Alt key + U, even if you have copied additional text or images after copying the URL.


  1. Open CMB with Win + V.
  2. Press the F9 key to display only URLs.
  3. Select the desired URL.
  4. Press Tab or Insert to paste the complete URL or press Ctrl + U to paste the shortened URL.