Revisions history, part 2

Version 2.8.1


  • New features:
    • Flexikeys:
      - Undo (with optional deactivation) is now possible (via button or tray icon menu)
      - A preview of some flexikeys is possible e.g. for calculations
      - New flexikey: Expand HTML tag: e.g., when entering <li>, </li> will be added automatically
    • Some routines have been optimized, less use of the hard drive (for slower systems)
    • Changes for Windows 8
    • Smaller improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Flexikeys: Error after mouse click corrected
    • Copying in Excel sometimes did not work
    • Correction when copying in pinned mode corrected
    • Pasting via mouse click on the list did not work sometimes
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.8.0


  • New features:
    • New (independent) homepage for Clipboard Master
    • Global key combinations (hotkeys) can now be program-dependent, meaning that the hotkey only executes the defined action in a certain program or not in certain programs
    • Hotkeys:
      - "Convert/modify marked text":
      Only the marked text (in each application) can be changed,
      e.g. delete, replace characters, or place a character at the front of each line,
      Changing the text via script or external program is also possible
      - "Comment out marked source code":
      New, the marked text is commented out, e.g. with // in each line at the beginning The separator (e.g. // or /* */ or <--) can be changed/defined
    • Flexikeys expanded:
      - Complete path/file names with Tab or \
      - Replace text abbreviation with text from a table in a file This table can be maintained in an editor or Excel
      - Calculate expression, e.g. 4*7^2, press flexikey and 196 appears
    • AutoText:
      Now only the first letters of a word have to be typed, e.g. "tvm" and a list with sentences like "Thank you very much for..." appears
    • Paste usernames and passwords:
      Keys/text can now be sent (simulated)
    • Clipboard properties for AutoText expanded
    • Some problems have been solved and functions improved
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Position in cmd.ext and powershell is now correctly detected
    • Shorten URL now also works with URLs that contain an &
    • The ini file path was not in Unicode
    • Screenshots did not always work with user-defined paths
    • Settings -> Screenshots -> File Format List sometimes had only one element (PNG)
    • Clipboard Master hangs after certain actions, e.g. in Excel, locking up the system
    • Flickering of the lists while scrolling has been corrected

Version 2.7.5


  • New features:
    • The storage location of the settings and data can now be changed (Settings -> Storage Location)
    • Flexikeys expanded
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Password safe: Pasting with Tab was deactivated, as the password was pasted in the wrong field
    • Typed words were sometimes stored in clipboards, even when AutoText was deactivated

Version 2.7.1


  • New features:
    • Paste serial numbers e.g.: AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD or AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC will automatically be separated into multiple fields (if it is detected when pasting to the first field that the first field only accepts the first 4 or 5 characters)
    • Flexikeys expanded: Convert characters entered into the corresponding HTML code or UTF8 code with the push of a button
    • Settings:
      • Flexikeys revised: multiple flexikeys can now be defined and can be program-dependent
      • AutoText (see Version 3 beta): Dictionaries can now be loaded
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Last version: pasting the password with # did not work
    • Flexikeys: Error corrected
    • Error when dragging corrected
    • Smaller problems corrected

Version 2.7.0


  • New features:
    • Hotkeys:
      • Hotkeys can now be assigned with any order of keystrokes, including special keys.
      • Paste (Windows clipboard) can now be assigned to any key, e.g. Insert
        Alt + Insert or Win + Insert replaces the previous function of Insert to turn on or off the overwrite mode
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Paste password: Error in version 2.7.0 corrected

Version 2.7.0


  • New features:
    • Adjustment for powershell.exe
    • Context menu revised
    • Flexikeys: Conversion of numbers to corresponding ASCII characters is now also possible with code < 32
      This means that passwords with ASCII characters shorter than 32 can be entered on laptops/keyboards without NumLock (except for the Windows login)
    • Numerous small improvements
    • New options: "Only show files and folders in the open and save file dialogs" (under rules)
    • Rules expanded:
      • Rules can now be executed by pressing Ctrl + V and Shift + Insert
      • Rules can only be executed in specific control elements/controls, e.g. only in text/entry fields
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Paste: did not always function
    • AutoCorrect:  Correction of 2 upper case letters at the beginning improved
    • AutoText
      • Errors corrected and improved
      • Pasting is now fast
      • Problems in Outlook corrected
      • No additional problems are currently known
    • Add Rule: Deactivating Clipboard Master does not work in this application
    • Problem with focus corrected
    • Error with ! with German-Swiss keyboard layout corrected
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.6.5


  • New features:
    • Fixed Clipboard improved: If the "fixed clipboard" is displayed and something is copied to the (Windows) clipboard, you can now paste the content of the Windows clipboard directly to the corresponding position of the "fixed clipboard" with the keys <0> ... <9>.
    • Screenshot tool improved
    • Key Combinations: System key combinations or other predefined shortcuts can now be used, e.g. <Ctrl> + <Esc>, or, with Windows 8, <Windows> + <V> can now be used again
    • Pasting marked entries to a clipboard has changed: The list is now shown so that the entry can be pasted to any position
    • AutoText:  Revised and improved Settings revised
    • 2 upper case letters at the beginning of a word corrected
      • Error corrected
      • This is now available in Settings -> Convert, Correct
    • Google Chrome: Add-on created so that the position can now also be correctly determined here
    • Firefox: Add-on revised
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Settings -> AutoCopy (V3 beta) -> Settings are sometimes not saved
    • Some details improved
    • Focus problem in Outlook after pressing <Esc> corrected
    • Error with ^ in various keyboard layouts (e.g. Turkish, Czech) corrected

Version 2.6.0


  • New features:
    • Flexikeys:
      • Paste ASCII characters (instead of Alt +Numlock, e.g. on notebooks that have no number pad):
        enter character code (does not matter where) e.g. 127 or 0xfa and press <Insert> (the key can be set in Settings -> Correction/Conversion)
      • Convert number from/to hexadecimal number or octal: Input number (does not matter where) and then press a hotkey (can be set in Settings -> Correction/Conversion) and the number will be converted
    • New functions for hotkeys:
      • Start command or program
      • The above-mentioned conversion of text and numbers
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Saving with formatting sometimes did not work
    • The position in Internet Explorer was not correct when scrolling

Version 2.5.5


  • New features:
    • Collections revised:
      • "Paste collection" button added
      • Collections are now pasted by clicking on a CopyTo button (if the Clipboard Master window with the collection is displayed)
      • Other improvements
    • Paste option when Windows key is released has been improved
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • 2 upper case letters at the beginning is not automatically corrected properly in the last version
    • Position of the list if no icons should be displayed has been corrected
    • Edit rules: Replace text at beginning/end was not correctly stored

Version 2.5.4


  • New features:
    • Hotkey to open the clipboard: the filter can now be defined
    • F7 key: now changes the filter: Files and Folders -> File -> Folder
    • New options: set pasted entry at beginning of list
    • The priority of ClipboardMaster.exe can now be set
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Problems in Firefox corrected
    • Problems with screenshots on multi-screen systems corrected

Version 2.5.3


  • New features:
    • Firefox: Determination of the position of entry fields has been improved
    • Internet Explorer: Determination of the position of entry fields has been improved and accelerated
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Problems with Spanish Windows (XP) with accents (éèáà etc.) corrected
    • Error when downloading from Windows corrected

Version 2.5.2


  • New features:
    • Firefox: Position of entry fields (on websites) is now correctly determined and the list shown below
    • Internet Explorer: The zoom factor is now taken into consideration
    • Small improvements to the settings
    • If the position of the text cursor cannot be determined, the position of the mouse course will be used
    • Pasting upon releasing the Windows key:
      • Pasting upon releasing the Windows key now works for other key combinations than <Windows> + <V>
      • Scrolling down now works with the key with which Clipboard Master was opened, e.g. also Win+Y if this is configured
      • Win + <: Scroll up
      • Win + A: Select collection
      • Win + Q: Quit
      • Win + Alt: No automatic pasting when the Windows key is released
    • Lists can now be displayed sorted alphabetically (Ctrl+Shift+S, or in the clipboard properties)
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Win + key could sometimes not be defined as a hotkey in the settings and quick start assistants
    • Problems when pasting in Microsoft Office corrected
    • Problems when entering ASCII code with Alt + Numlock corrected

Version 2.5.1


  • New features:
    • <Windows+V> now functions like <down cursor>
      Option for pasting as soon as the Windows key is released
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Screenshot tool: Keyboard sometimes does not work
    • Problems with Lotus Notes corrected

Version 2.5


  • New features:
    • Screenshot tool: Press the <Print> key to easy create screenshots of the area below the mouse and directly paste them, e.g. to your image editing program
    • Unicode: the search field, tooltips, et cetera now all display Unicode, meaning that Asian characters are now displayed correctly
    • Print function added
    • Every entry can now be started directly with cmd.exe
    • Some optimizations
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.3.3


  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Rule: Deactivation of Clipboard Master when changing applications does not work
    • Some small errors have been corrected

Version 2.3.2


  • New features:
    • Paste: paste with formatting by default
    • Settings expanded
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Settings: Left mouse button could not be changed in Clipboard Master
    • Alt key in Excel, Word 2010 did not display key combinations on some systems
    • Some small errors have been corrected

Version 2.3.1 build 1922


  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Size was not saved
    • Crash corrected
    • <Esc> did not always function

Version 2.3.1


  • New features:
    • Fixed clipboard: adding of elements improved
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Problems with fixed clipboard corrected
    • Settings: when entering a key combination, the CPU sometimes severely increased

Version 2.3.0


  • New features:
    • Cursor height is now more precisely determined, so that the Clipboard Master list can also be positioned more precisely
    • Pasting per mouse click on the clipboard list: the focus is now always maintained, pasting via mouse now functions for temporary entry fields that disappear as soon as they are out of focus
    • The center mouse button and/or wheel button can now be assigned
    • Numerous detail improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Sounds: the standard sound was always played instead of the sound selected
    • Password pasting via mouse did not function correctly
    • #input macro did not function correctly
    • The position of Clipboard Master was incorrect in some entry fields
    • Crash upon ending the program corrected
    • Crash corrected

Version 2.2.1


  • New features:
    • Internet Explorer: the position of entry fields is now determined and the Clipboard Master list is correspondingly positioned
    • Some routines have been optimized (for speed)
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Pasting via mouse click sometimes does not function when the tooltip with RTF text or with an image is displayed
    • Small errors have been corrected
    • Problems when other clipboard tools are running have been corrected (e.g.
    • Build 1648: Crash upon ending the program corrected

Version 2.2


  • New features:
    • Conversion of hexadecimal text now works when the text in between has blank spaces, commas or new lines
    • Tooltip improved
    • Keys reassigned:
      • Preview: F12 (instead of F8)
      • F5 - F9 now change the filter
      • Show/hide buttons: Alt + F2 (instead of F5)
    • Shift key now shows the marked entry in a tooltip window (as when the mouse cursor is left on an entry)
    • The Menu key is now supported
    • Rules: Clipboard Master can now be automatically deactivated in certain applications via a rule
    • Context menu expanded, e.g. rules
    • Convert all to upper case and/or lower case letters now works Also with RTF and HTML text
    • Keys "Page Backward" and "Page Forward", which allowing scrolling through the lists on laptops
    • Some improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Images were still saved on some systems as bmp and not as png files
    • Problems with the mouse have been corrected
    • Collections: Were sometimes not correctly displayed upon automatic start
    • Key combinations sometimes stopped functioning after some time
    • Crash corrected
    • Display problems corrected
    • Small errors have been corrected
    • Problems with ending the program corrected
    • second Alt key + 1 ... 5 (numpad) did not work correctly
    • Settings -> Rules -> Edit Rules: filter was sometimes not correctly applied

Version 2.1


  • New features:
    • All clipboard formats are supported and can also (optionally) be saved
    • HTML code can now be saved
    • URLs in HTML code are automatically extracted and added to the Clipboard Master list
    • The following graphic formats are supported: bmp, dib, rle, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, gif, emf, wmf, tif, tiff, png, ico
    • BMPs in the clipboard (e.g. screenshots) are now saved as PNG files (requires significantly less storage space for the same quality)
    • Many small improvements, e.g. tooltip now also displays images, the command line parameters have been expanded
    • Tooltip:
      • Images are now displayed
      • Now also displayed in part with formatted text, e.g. or symbols (Wingdings, Webdings)
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • RTF (Rich Text Format): Was not correctly detected on all systems
    • Unicode text was not always correctly detected
    • Problems corrected when a program automatically frequently copies to the clipboard
    • Screenshots, et cetera were sometimes stored multiple times
    • Some small errors have been corrected

Version 2.0.1


  • New features:
    • Mouse operation improved:
      Pasting can now be conducted with the right, third or fourth mouse button
    • The instructions on the homepage as well as the links to the instructions have been updated
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Updater: the language file was not loaded
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.0 (final)


  • New features:
    • Fixed clipboard (open with Win + X)
      • Remains in the foreground
      • Paste frequently used words, text, images with a single mouse click
    • Collections: As soon as a collection begins (automatic or manual) a list with the elements of the collection will be displayed. Paste a marked elements can then be conducted simply by pressing the "Insert" key.
    • You will find all additional improvements in version 2 below in the information for RC and Beta/Beta 2
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.0 RC


  • New features:
    • Fixed Clipboard:
      • Open with Win + A
      • Remains in the foreground
      • Paste frequently used words, text, images with a single mouse click
    • Some optimizations
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Crash corrected
    • Small errors have been corrected

Version 2.0 beta 2


  • New features:
    • Mouse support:
      • Open Clipboard Master with left + right mouse button together with clicking or with Ctrl + right click
      • Mouse wheel Now scrolls through the list
      • Clicking outside of Clipboard Master hides the Clipboard Master window
    • Entries can now be automatically deleted after a specified time (can be defined in the clipboard properties)
    • New rule:
      Text formatting can now be removed in the Windows clipboard
    • Settings expanded
    • Small optimizations
    • Tooltip will be displayed with the most important keys
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Ctrl + U does not work
    • Small errors have been corrected

Beta Version 2.0


  • New features:
    • With Ctrl + C, elements in the clipboard can now be (re)copied (in Clipboard Master)
    • Additional global key combinations have been added:
      • Store marked text as text template (Windows + C)
      • Display word/sentence completion list (Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar)
      • Show context menu
    • Optically revise list
      • The font can be changed (program-dependent)
      • Icons of the application that can be copied from are now displayed
    • Rules for Outlook have been added:
      If a file or image is pasted using Clipboard Master it will be pasted as an attachment (configurable)
    • Context menu expanded
    • Settings expanded
    • Alternative start menu added (can be displayed, e.g. with Win + S)
    • Dragging of clipboards per mouse has been improved
    • Importing and exporting of data and settings in now possible
    • The instructions have been expanded and updated
    • A large number of detail improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Error in the properties dialog has been corrected
    • The playing of sounds did not work on some systems
    • Error with Unicode characters has been corrected

Version 1.2


  • New features:
    • Editing of entries:
      • A global key combination can now be defined for each text template
      • A window title can now be specified with which the corresponding entry is selected when displaying the list.
    • Subfolders can now be created
    • The properties dialog has been expanded
    • Some small improvements
    • Password folder added
    • List display has been optimized
    • The installation has been revised:
      • upon uninstalling, all settings and data can now be deleted.
      • jbUpdater.exe is now ended
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Pasting with formatting did not work

Version 1.1.1


  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Pasting in cmd.exe did not work
    • Stopping did not deactivate the hotkeys

Version 1.1.1


  • New features:
    • Select the paste method using the tray icon or the context menu in Clipboard Master: globally or for the current application
    • Help has been updated
    • With Shift + Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 the 1st, 2nd or 3rd line can easily be pasted
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Sometimes only v was pasted instead of text

Version 1.1


  • New features:
    • Sounds added: a sound can now be played
      • As soon as Clipboard Master registers an entry from the clipboard
      • A collection is started
      • An entry is not pasted (e.g. because it already exists or is too large)
    • Paste methods:
      Can be determined globally as well as program-specific:
    • Ctrl + V, Shift + Insert or simulate keystrokes
    • Avoid duplicate entries expanded: If the entry is already in the last x entries, it can now be determined whether the entry should be pasted again or not or whether this entry should be move to position 1 in the list
    • Command line parameters added:
      • ClipboardMaster.exe pause allows Clipboard Master to be paused (like Alt + Win + F3)
      • ClipboardMaster.exe resume allows Clipboard Master to be resume (like Alt + Win + F3)

Version 1.0


  • New features:
    • The quick menu has been expanded: More entries as well as more options, e.g. collections
    • Collections have been revised
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Some errors have been corrected.

Version 0.9.8 beta


  • New features:
    • Editing of entries:
      • "Preview" dialog has become the editing dialog
      • Macros can now be easily pasted using a button
    • Properties dialog for clipboards added
    • TinyURL can now be used as a URL shortener
    • Settings revised
    • Context menu expanded
    • Quick menu expanded
    • Font sizes will now be set according to the selected themes
    • Import of the clipboard and template (text templates) from CLCL is now possible
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • A file was missing on some systems preventing Clipboard Master from being displayed
    • Various problems e.g. with keyboard/key combinations corrected

Version 0.9.7 beta


  • New features:
    • Additional key combinations have been added
    • URL shortener: Ctrl + U now pastes a shortened URL (
    • Exceptions can now be defined that will not be added to Clipboard Master or removed from the Windows clipboard
    • Settings expanded
    • Homepage: screenshots, features and instructions updated
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Paste in the command line (console) does not always work

Version 0.9.6 beta build 293


  • New features:
    • Key combination is set as Win + V by default as there were problems with Alt + V in some programs
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Smaller problems corrected

Version 0.9.6 beta


  • New features:
    • Passive mode: Key combinations expanded
    • Display:
      • Unicode is now correctly displayed
      • "1"..."0" will only be displayed for the first 10 elements (corresponds to the keys for pasting the xth entry
    • Menus expanded: file, open graphic, save graphic
    • Default hotkeys reassigned
    • Collections improved
    • Some improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Problem with focus corrected
    • Error with Unicode characters corrected
    • Crashing with Windows ME corrected

Version 0.9.5 beta


  • New features:
    • Passive mode: Entry fields disappear e.g. when another program is activated and also when Clipboard Master is displayed . There are now the unfocused mode, meaning that Clipboard Master is displayed, but the focus remains on the entry field. Some keys are still used to operate Clipboard Master so that selecting the desired entry and pasting is possible.
    • cmd.exe: Text is now correctly pasted here
    • Some improvements
  • Corrected problems and errors:
    • Changes for Windows 2000 and Windows ME
    • Ctrl + A to mark all entries does not always work
    • Setting of the cursor position works Moderate errors corrected
    • Pasting of images: Some times only the file name is pasted

Version 0.9.1 beta


  • New features:
    • Speed in conjunction with large amounts of text increased (amongst others, these are now outsourced in files)
    • The focus was not correctly set with Ctrl + V
    • Key combinations to paste the xth entry can now be defined
    • Smaller improvements
    • Unix new lines can now be automatically converted to Windows new lines
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Changing the order in the lists did not always function
    • Conversion (Html, UTF7/8, ... did not work properly)

Version 0.9.0 (first public beta version)


  • First public beta version