Action "Convert/Modify Marked Text" Action "Comment Out Marked Source Code" Aktion 'Globales Kontextmenü'

With this function, the marked source text can be commented out and/or the commenting out can be reversed. This can be used in nearly any editor, also in Notepad. The application simply has to support Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, which most do. If this function is not sufficient, please use the action Convert/Modify Marked Text and the option "Modify text with script/external program" there.


Specify the default comment delimiter as well as additional file extensions here.
e.g for default as start delimiter /* and */ as end delimiter
You can also specify start delimiter // and leave the end delimiter blank.

If you would like to add additional comment delimiter for individual file types, click on the + icon. Enter the file extension in the first column (with a period), e.g. .xml. Separate multiple extensions with commas.


In order for Clipboard Master to detect the file name extension, the file name must display in the title line of the current program or the default delimiter will be used.

You can also specify different key combinations for different comment and/or file types.