Text AutoComplete CollectionsUmlaute, Diakrite, Sonderzeichen, etc.

As Clipboard Master can store multiple copies, Clipboard Master also gives you the option of automatically organizing sequential entries into a collection.

Example: You are conducting research in the Internet and looking for suitable references for your current essay. Clipboard Master starts a new collection and stores the references found in the collection. You do not have to leave your browser. When you have completed your collection, you can paste the references found into your essay all at once.

Or, you would like to paste the ingredients of a recipe found on a webpage that are distributed throughout the text into a Word document:

  • mark and copy the desired words in the browser one after the other.
  • You can now switch to Word and paste all of the text elements copied at once.

Overview of the "Collections" Feature:

  • Clipboard Master starts collections automatically once you have copied additional content with 3 seconds. You can adjust this time limit in the Clipboard Master settings.
  • You can manually start a collection using the Clipboard Master tray icon or via Alt + Windows + F2.
  • You can also start a collection manually with Clipboard Master for longer time between the copies.
  • When collecting, Clipboard Master displays a transparent window that indicates the current content of the collection.
  • You can stop the colleting at any time with the Esc key.
  • Select whether the entries of the collection should be pasted separated by tabs, blank spaces, new lines or user-definable characters in your target document.