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Clipboard Master can automatically complete text. This is useful when you constantly have to use the same text in your documents. Clipboard Master searches through all clipboards and offers corresponding suggestions or replaces so-called AutoText abbreviations with a specific complete text.

Overview of the "AutoComplete" Feature: 

  • E.g. write "scr" for "Sincerely yours":

Second Alt key + spacebar

  • Define AutoText abbreviations for your own needs, e.g. "atc" for "According to our correspondence of"
  • Clipboard Master will search using these 3 letters for all sentences whose first three words start with these letters
  • Clipboard Master gives you live suggestions for completing your entries based on your Clipboard Master clipboards:
    • E.g. type "dear" and Clipboard Master will give you the following suggestions:
      • "Dear sir or madam"
      • "Dear Ms."
      • "Dear Mr."
    • E.g. type "thank" and Clipboard Master will give you the following suggestions:
      • "Thank you for your order"
      • "Thank you for your letter"
      • "Thank you for your email"
      • "Thank you for your call"
  • AutoComplete also supports intelligent text templates so that the last name of the email recipient can be added (only in Outlook) to the automatically complete salutation. 



Currently, second Alt key + spacebar have to be pressed for Clipboard Master to display the list with suggestions. It is planned in a future version for these suggestions to be displayed automatically. The marked suggestion is accepted with Tab. Or just keep typing and the suggestion disappears. You can already test this function in the current Clipboard Master version.