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Flexikeys are more than hotkeys. Like hotkeys, flexikeys conduct a specific action, e.g. starting a program or pasting something.
In addition, a flexikey is dependent upon what was just entered (e.g. a number), the text just typed will be delivered to this action, e.g. to calculate a formula.

Available Actions for Flexikeys:

  • Convert text entered
  • Convert number entered
  • Calculate expression entered
  • Replace from user dictionary
  • Start/execute program/script
  • Complete path or file name
  • Complete path or file name

In contrast to a hotkey, every key can be a hotkey, e.g. x. Using x as a hotkey makes no sense, as x could then no longer be entered. As a flexikey this is no problem, as x continues to provide an x. The flexikey action is only executed after a specific entry, e.g. of a number.
An example of an action is the replacement of an abbreviation with text from a user dictionary that you maintain in Excel. A list of the available files and folders could be displayed by entering c:\.
The text entered can also be provided to a program that modifies the text or calculates something and then pastes the output.

Example 1: Convert number into the corresponding hexadecimal number:

Enter a number - in any program - e.g. 65 and then press # and 0x41 appears instead of 65:


Example 2: Replace from a user dictionary:


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