For Text, Images, Files And More HotkeysFlexikeys

Assign any key combinations with functions, text templates, program starts, keyboard macros, et cetera.
System hotkeys - such as Win + L or Win + V in Windows 8 can also be reassigned.
Hotkeys can be program-dependent, meaning that the hotkey will only be active in specific programs.

Special keys that only some keyboards have, such as ones that directly start a browser or email program, can also be reassigned. Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys can also be used as hotkeys.

Expanded Hotkeys:
Clipboard Master can distinguish between the left and right Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys for hotkeys. For example, you can assign left Ctrl + A to a function or to start a program, while right Ctrl + A continues to select all. You can also assign left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A.

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