CollectionsVowels, umlauts, special characters, ...Fast Operation 

With Clipboard Master now you can paste special characters, characters of other languages (e.g. french, greek, hebew), icon, symbols with ease.


There a 3 possibilities:

1. Long pressing (of a key)

Like at a smartphone this features enables long pressing of a key (300 ms). With it a list with possible characters are shown, like in the picture above.

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2. Character + key

(Version 5.3 or later)

You have sometimes to enter e.g. greek, french, german, polish or other characters/symbols?
Then you should activate this function.

Te enter e.g. the french é:  

  1. press E and keep it pressed
  2. press Ctrl
  3. press Ctrl again till the appropriate character is selected
  4. release E


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3. Use a hotkey

Define a Hotkey to show list of predefined characters/symbols or define a list of yourself.

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