Add Flexikey Paste umlauts, special characters, vowels with easeLong pressing of keys

Settings -> Keyboard -> Vowels / special characters/ greek, cyrillic, ....
Ab Version 5.3

How this works:

To enter the french é:  

  1. Press E and keep it pressed
  2. Press Ctrl 
  3. Press Ctrl repeatedly until the appropriate character is selected
  4. Release E 

You have sometimes to enter e.g. greek, french, german, polish or other characters/symbols?
Then you should activate this function.

Te enter e.g. the french é:  

  1. press E and keep it pressed
  2. press Ctrl
  3. press Ctrl again till the appropriate character is selected
  4. release E


In the settings you can define another key than Ctrl.

You want to paste a symbol or a character you do not knwo to which base letter it might be assign, you may want to define a hotkey to show a list with symbols/special characters. 

You can also activate 'long pressing': With this you press a key for e.e. 300 milliseconds and a list with according characters will be shown.

» setting


Möchten Sie Zeichen eingeben, die nicht einem Buchstaben zuzuordnen sind, oder aber Sie den Buchstaben nicht kennen, so nutzen Sie die Hotkey-Funktion 'Umlaute, Sonderzeichen,... einfügen'

Alternativ können Sie auch das 'lange Drücken' aktivieren. Damit erscheint nach längerem Druck auf eine Taste die möglichen Buchstaben.