FlexikeysDialog "Define Flexikey": Step 1 Dialog "Define Flexikey": Step 2 

In the first step, you define the key and/or key combination for an action that will be defined:

  • Key(s) Combination
    Click on the entry field and press the desired key and/or key combination.

    You can use any key, e.g. # or a. Special keys such as "Browser", "Email", et cetera can also be (re)assigned, e.g. Ctrl + Browser or Win + Email. System hotkeys such as Win + D or, in Windows 8, Win + V can be used and thus reassigned.

    You can select keys that you cannot press directly such as Tab, Insert and Print in the drop-down list.

  • Program-Specific Settings
    Click to determine the programs in which the flexikey should be (de)activated. If you do not make a specification, the flexikey is always active.