Der Menü Editor Configure Hotkey Context Menu  Aktion 'Pausieren / Fortsetzen'

If the Key Combination Ctrl + Menu Key Does Not Work:


1. Which icon is display in the tray (taskbar on the lower right)?

Clipboard Master is deactivated:
=> Activate Clipboard Master by right clicking on the icon => Settings => Pause Clipboard Master
Or the current program is running with higher rights than Clipboard Master => Settings => Miscellaneous => press F12 if necessary => Run Options => "Run Clipboard Master With Administrator Rights"

The hotkey Ctrl + Menu Key is deactivated in the current program:
right click on the icon => Activate Hotkey 'Ctrl + Menu Key'

Clipboard Master is active, but the hotkey may not be set up
=> follow the instructions below.


2. Set Up Hotkey Ctrl + Menu Key

  1. Open the settings
  2. Switch to "Global Key Combinations"
  3. Click on or press Ctrl + N.
  4. Define the global key combination in the dialog that appears, press the key combination Ctrl + Menu Key.
  5. Select "Show menu" under "Assigned Action".
    Select "Tools Menu" for menu:

  6. Click "OK"