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are lists in Clipboard Master where text, images, folders or files can be stored. » Clipboards

Master clipboard
is the Clipboard Master clipboard where text, images, folders or files "land" when something is copied to the clipboard, e.g. with Ctrl + C.

Predefined Clipboards
are clipboards that exist in Clipboard Master by default, such as the clipboards "Letters & Salutations", "Special Characters" or "Date and Time".

Custom Clipboards
are clipboards in Clipboard Master that you have created yourself. For example, you can use these to create an archive of frequently needed text fragments.

Special Clipboards
are clipboards in Clipboard Master that are used for special tasks: The "Password Safe" clipboard for storing passwords, program/folder type clipboards to start programs and open folders and the "Forms" clipboard for completing forms.

are copies of text, images, folders or files that are stored in the Clipboard Master clipboard.

are text, images, folders or files that are stored permanently in all clipboards beside the master clipboard.

Text entries/text templates
are entries that contain only text. Macros can occur in the text that will be executed by Clipboard Master upon pasting.

Key combinations
are specific keys that you can use to execute specific Clipboard Master functions, directly paste entries or directly open clipboards.

are special placeholders in the text that Clipboard Master replaces with automatically created text upon pasting, e.g. {#date} with the current date. » Macros

Hotkeys (=global key combinations)
are key combination that are valid system-wide, in every program, and which execute a specific action, e.g. display the Clipboard Master list or launching a program or executing a keyboard macro. You can also define exceptions so that a hotkey does not function in Internet Explorer (and, if necessary, executes a function of Internet Explorer instead of the hotkey function). You can also reassign system hotkeys such as Win + D or Win + V with Windows 8 using Clipboard Master. » Define Hotkey

Similar to hotkeys, but the action is only executed if specific characters/text/abbreviations are entered first. Other functions are also available, such as completing directory names or replacing abbreviations with a word from the user-defined dictionary. » Flexikeys

AutoText automatically gives you suggestions while typing, e.g. :

Simply accept the marked entry with Tab or just keep on typing (the list will then disappear again).
» More

Übernehmen Sie mit Tab einfach den markierten Eintrag oder tippen einfach weiter (die Liste wird dann wieder ausgeblendet)
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With AutoCopy, you no longer have to select Edit -> Copy from the menu or press Ctrl + C. Clipboard Master does this for you. As soon as you mark a selection, it will be copied to the clipboard. You can determine, of course, the programs in which AutoCopy should be used.
» AutoCopy settings

Note: AutoCopy is still being developed and will not be available until a Later Version is released.

When activated, the button will be display as soon as something is copied to the clipboard. With this button, you can copy directly into another application such as Word or begin a Google search or search on Amazon...all with a single click.

Note: CopyTo is still being developed and will not be available until a Later Version is released.
» CopyTo Settings

With this function, 2 capital letters at the beginning are automatically corrected. For example, if you type "Mnay", Clipboard Master will automatically correct this to "many".
» AutoCorrect Settings