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Clipboard Master helps you to work very efficiently with the keyboard and saves from a great deal of unnecessary typing. You can adapt the key combinations to your needs (and keyboard).

1. Hotkeys

Hotkey starts the assigned action, e.g. Show the clipbord list, do a screenshot, paste a define text, ...

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2. Flexikeys

Flexikeys are more than hotkeys. Like hotkeys, flexikeys conduct a specific action, e.g. starting a program or pasting something.
In addition, a flexikey is dependent upon what was just entered (e.g. a number), the text just typed will be delivered to this action, e.g. to calculate a formula or to supplement a path or file name.

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3. AutoText and AutoText Abbreviation

Clipboard Master suggests words and sentences by pressing right Alt key + spacebar, or even automatically with Version 5 and higher:

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4. Remap or deactivate key

Here you can remap or deactivate a key permanently - for all users, independent of the selected keyboard layout. And this setting remains active when Clipboard Master is not running.
Settings -> Keyboard -> press F12 to show all settings -> Remap or deactivate key