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Clipboard Master does have a network clipboard - this is still under development but has reached beta stadium.
By default the network clipboard is not available. To activate it open then Clipboard Master program folder and double click the file 'Enable Network Clipboard.reg'. Confirm twice.
Now you can open the Clipboard Master settings and under Tools you'll the options for the network clipboard.

An alternative can be a common clipboard.

Network clipboard

The network clipbaord can be used to easily exchange data between computers. They can be located in the same network, but this works over the internet as well.
Supported are textes pictures, files and folders, in fact most of whihc can be copied to the windows clipboard. There are some exceptions e.g, Excel data.

A common folder is required, e.g. a common network share - or a folder of a cloud drive which is synced with both computers, such as Dropbox, SugarSync, OneDrive, Google Drive.
All data is saved encypted.

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