Einstellungen -> Tastatur -> Globale Tastenkürzel (=Hotkeys)

You assign so-called hotkeys (e.g. Win + V or Ctrl + Shift + U) in Clipboard Master for nearly any action globally (that is, generally in all programs) or only in specific programs. System hotkeys - such as Win + L or Win + V in Windows 8 can also be reassigned. Special keys such as Browser can also be reassigned, also together with Shift, Ctrl, Alt and/or Win.  Overview of Key Combinations (Hotkeys):» System Hotkeys» Expanded hotkeys differentiate between the left and right Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys» Many possibleActions» Assign and/or reassign system hotkeys (e.g. Win+L, Browser)» Program-dependent» Define Hotkey

Here is a selection of possible actions:

» Open Clipboard Master
» Show Clipboard Master Tray Icon Menu
» Start a program
» Simulate keystrokes
» Deliver the marked text to a program or script
» Modify the marked text with pre-defined function or with script
» How to define a hotkey

Extended Hotkeys:

Clipboard Master offers so-called expanded hotkeys: It can tell whether the left or right Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows button is pressed. Possible expanded hotkeys are e.g.

- left Ctrl + A
- right Ctrl + A
- left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A

- Ctrl, A  (press and release Ctrl, then press A)
- A + B  (press A then press B, then release both)

Each of the hotkeys described above can be assigned to a different function.
For example, left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A can be assigned to start a program while left Ctrl + A and right Ctrl + A respectively continue to mark all.