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Create Start Menu

You can create an alternative start menu for Windows in Clipboard Master by setting the type of a clipboard to "Program" or "Folder", see Clipboard Settings > "General" Tab.

Create Entries

Add programs and/or folders to such a clipboard using Drag and Drop. You can start (programs) and open (folders) these entries with Clipboard Master.

Tip: Like all other entries in Clipboard Master, you can give these entries (namely the programs and folders) custom key combinations Assign Custom Key Combinations.

For example, you can use Win + B to open your preferred browser.

Use Entries

Open Clipboard Master and select the clipboard whose type you have set to "Program" or "Folder" or open the folder directly with the key combination you have assigned. Then continue as described in Paste. You can also open an entry directly using a key combination you have assigned.

Open the Start Menu

Tip: Like all other clipboards, you can also assign a key combination to these clipboards: For example, you can open one of these clipboards with Win + S, select an entry and quickly start and/open a frequently needed program or folder. You can also use the key combination Win + Esc, for example, to display this start menu with Windows 8 and not the Metro start menu.