Global Key Combinations"Define Global Key Combination" DialogAction "Show Clipboard" 

Settings -> Global Key Combinations -> New

Enter the key combination and the assigned action in the following dialog:

Key Combination

Click on the entry field and press the desired key combination.

Nearly all key combinations can be used. Special keys such as "Browser", "Email", et cetera can also be (re)assigned, e.g. Ctrl + Browser or Win + Email. System hotkeys such as Win + D or, in Windows 8, Win + V can be used and thus reassigned.

Extended Hotkeys:

Clipboard Master offers so-called expanded hotkeys: It can tell whether the left or right Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows button is pressed. Possible expanded hotkeys are e.g.

left Ctrl + A
right Ctrl + A
left Ctrl + right Ctrl + A

Ctrl, A  (press and release Ctrl, then press A)
A + B  (press A then press B, then release both)
- Ctrl + A  (300 msec): press Ctrl + A for at least 300 milliseconds

To enter an extended hotkey, press left shift and right shift together or click at ▼.

Assigned Action:

Program-Specific Settings

Click on this list to specify the programs in which the key combinations should function or not function.


The options are dependent upon the select action. Please on the corresponding action above to see the accompanying options.