Step 7 Copy Collections

You can copy text, images, folders and files with Clipboard Master: Press Ctrl + C and Clipboard Master stores your copies on its clipboard.


When copying text, Clipboard Master stores the text you have copied on its clipboard. Clipboard Master offers various options for pasting your copied text, see Pasting.

Images, Folders and Files

Clipboard Master stores the name and the path when copying images, folders and files. This means that you can paste the copied images, folders and files as text (using their names) as well as "real copies": in Word, for example, the file and/or folder name is pasted while in Windows Explorer the file and/or folder itself is pasted. (The original file and/or original folder still must exist in order to do so.)

Text of Controls

Tip: Beginning with Clipboard Master 3 beta, you can also copy the text of controls - buttons, checkboxes, et cetera.

To do so, place the focus on the control whose text you would to copy and press Ctrl + C. These copies also "land" on the clipboard: this is very practical if you are writing documentation for a piece of software - then you no longer have to type out the text of the controls.