Copy CollectionsPaste 

Quick instructions

  • Ctrl + 2 × C:     Start a collection (the selected text... will be copied as 1st element in the collection). 
  • Ins:       paste the 1st, 2nd, ... item (Version 4.8.4 or later). 
  • Ctrl + V:       paste the 1st, 2nd, ... item. 
  • Ctrl + Return:    paste all items (with new line between each).
  • Alt + rauf/runter:  select previous/next item which can the be pasted with Ctrl + V .
  • Alt + Entf:    remove last added item.
  • Alt + Ctrl + Menü:  Show menu.
  • Alt + Esc:   Cancel collection.

 » Settings for collections

Detailed instructions

When copying, Clipboard Master offers you the options of automatically combining your copies into a collection.
Or you can start a collection by pressing Ctrl + 2 × C.

Start Collection with Ctrl + 2 × C

Clipboard Master automatically starts a collection if there is less than 10 seconds between your individual copies and no pasting were done (by Ctrl + V). You can adjust this time interval in the Clipboard Master settings, Settings > Collections.

Or start a collection manually:
Select the 1st item to copy and press Ctrl + 2 × C (Press Ctrl, then 2 times C, then release Ctrl).

While collection, you will see the collected copies in a transparent window.

Use Collection

You can copy your entire collection at once with Ctrl + Return into any Windows program; the text will be pasted separately per line. If you would like to paste the entire text separated by tab, comma or semicolon, Use the Dropdown menü of the button 'Paste collection'

Or paste the collection item by item: Press Ctrl + V to paste the 1st item, press Ctrl + V again for the 2nd item etc.

Other keys:

  • Alt + up/down:  select previous/next item
  • Alt + Del:  remove last added item
  • Alt + Ctrl + Menu:  show the menu of the button 'Paste collection'
  • Alt + Esc:  Cancel the collection