First Steps The pinned menuPaste via the list

Show clipboard List as pinned menu

To show a clipboard list as pinned menu there are 3 possibilities:

a. via the Tray Icon Menü by keyboard: 

Open the tray icon menu (right click or  Alt + Win + F12), select a clipbaord with the cursor keys and press  F12.

b. via the Tray Icon Menü by mouse

Click at the tray icon to open the memu, then left mouse botton down at a clipbaord and drag it to e.g. the right top of the desktop.

c. in the list

Open the clipboard masters list (e.g. press Einfg), yoou maay select another list with Strg + Tab. Now press  Scroll lockdrücken. Or use the context menuu ⇨ View ⇨ show a pinned menu.

Paste per pinned menu

Just click at an item in the pinned menu.

Or press Alt + Ins and then user the cursor keys to select an item, press Return. Or use then number key 0 to 9 to paste the n-th item.

Schaltflächen des Apin-Menüs

 Menü anzeigen
 Liste immer ausgeklappt (expandiert) anzeigen
 Liste zusammengeklappt anzeigen, expandieren wenn Maus auf Title bewegt wird

Schaltflächen des Apin-Menüs

Show menu

Show always expanded

List will be shrinked automatically. To expand move the mouse over it.

Settings for the pinned menu

To show the settings klick at the menu button ⇨ Settings.

Tab 'Settings for this poinned menu'

These settings apply only to the current pinned menu.

  • Vire:
    Show icon: if checked the Clipboard Master icon is shown.
    Show subfolders: When check subfoldes are shown in the list.
  • Color:
    Here you can define the background color.
  • Hotkey:
    Define a hotlkey to show/activate this pinned menu.

Tab 'Common settings'

These settings apply to all pinned menus.

  • Show/hide all pinned menu at this mopuse position
    Sometime the pinned menu(s) might be in the way or hide something. Here you can define a mouse position, at which all the pinned menus are hidden/shown.
  • Hide automatically
    When checked alle pinned menus will be hidden after pastiing To show them again press  Alt + Einfg ot the hotkey you have defined.