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The Most Important Key Combinations (Hotkeys)

InsOpen (the list of) Clipboard Master
Win + QShow the quick menu
Win + Alt + F12Show the tray icon menu 
Ctrl +menuShow global context menu
AltGr + spaceComplete word/sentence/abbreviation

These are global key combinations and work in every application.

The Clipboard Master list can also be opened via the mouse: press the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. » more info

» All Global Key Combinations (Hotkeys) of Clipboard Master

Key Combinations/Mouse

You can comfortably control all functions, entries and clipboards in Clipboard Master with key combinations: For example, when writing with ten fingers, you do not have to switch to the mouse to use entries from Clipboard Master or to create entries in Clipboard Master. You can adjust all key combinations to your needs in the Clipboard Master Settings.

All clipboards and functions of Clipboard Master, of course, can also be accessed with the mouse. You can also adjust the actions of the mouse buttons in the Clipboard Master settings.