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Note: Version 3.0 and higher

You often have to move slowly to the desired folder in the open file and save dialogs. You do not have to with Clipboard Master.

Clipboard Master remembers the last path used - program-dependent. You can easily paste this again later. There are 2 options:

A. Per Hotkey F12

With the F12 key in the open file and save dialogs a) the path last used in this dialog and b) the path of all open Explorer windows will be displayed:

The key combination can of course be changed in the settings -> Global Key Combinations.

B. Via the Global Context Menu

Alternatively, you can also paste the last path used using the Global Context Menu

Ctrl + Menu Key -> Paste -> Last Folder Used

Open the Path Under Which the Last Saved Document Was Saved

You have just saved a file in Excel or Word and you would like to open the folder in Windows Explorer:
Windows Start Menu -> open the global context menu with Ctrl + Menu Key -> as shown above for "Paste" -> "Last Folder Used" -> Paste First Folder.