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Test your credential with "Have I Been Pawnd"

CMB 4.8.3 or later

What is "Have I been Pawnd / ?

This is a webpage created and maintained Troy Hunt. He collects credentials (=usernames and password) which have been leaked.
He creates lists with hashes (SHA1 checksum with 40 hexdigits) of the usernames and passwords. So the lists do not contain the passwords and usernames itself, but only these hashes. For checking the hash is calculated locally, only the first 5 digits are send to the webpage and a list with hashes beginning with these 5 digits.

Check credentials via 'Have I been pawned'

Check what:

Check selected items:
Only the selected items from the list will be checked.

Check all items:
All items shown in the list will be checked.

Check email address/user name:
Email adresses / user names will be checked.

Check password(s):
Pass word will be checked.


Check passwords online:
Passwords are check online

Use local Pwned Passwords file:
On you can download the file with the hashes of the passswords (~11GB zippeed). With this you can check your passwords offline. For usernames / email addresses this is nmotr possible. They are always checked online.

Path to Pwned Passwords list…
Path to the downloaded and unzipped file.