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Clipboard Master offers an password safe that allows you to securely store, manage and quickly access your passwords: your data is stored as encrypted entries in the clipboard "Password Safe". You can open the "Password Safe" clipboard directly by pressing Win + W.

Create and Edit Usernames and Passwords

Clipboard Master Password Safe Create Entry

You can create and edit usernames and passwords in the Password Safe like entries in all other Clipboard Master clipboards; you simply have to use the "Password Safe" clipboard:

An entry in the Password Safe has the following fields:

"Description": This description is used in the entry list of the clipboard "Password Safe" as the title of the entry.

"Username" and "Password": These values are used to complete website login forms or login dialogs in Windows programs.

You can configure additional settings for the entry by clicking on "Options":

"Mark This Entry..." If you open the Password Safe in window with this title or URL, Clipboard Master will automatically mark this entry. (URLs are currently supported for Internet Explorer and Firefox; support is planned for Chrome.)

"Add Key Combination For This Entry" Enter a key combination to directly paste this entry using the key combination. You can also enter a URL. This currently only functions in Internet Explorer and Firefox (this is planned for Chrome).
Example: You have entered "Login | Facebook" here: In this case, your entry will be marked automatically when you open the Facebook login page and start the Clipboard Master Password Safe.

Use Usernames and Passwords

Open the Password Safe with Win + W. Press Enter or Tab to paste an already marked entry or first select another entry using the cursor keys or as described in Paste.


Master Password:

You will be asked for a master password the first time that you create a password in Password Safe. This protects the Password Safe from unauthorized access. You will be asked to enter this master password when you open the password manager.

Password List:

The password list is stored encrypted on the hard drive. 
Version 2.9 and higher:
This list will be loaded encrypted when starting Clipboard Master and is only stored encrypted. If a username and accompanying password are pasted, these two pieces of data will be encrypted when pasted.