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Clipboard Master offers an password safe that allows you to securely store, manage and quickly access your passwords. You can use these for log-in forms on websites and log-in dialogs in Windows programs. The name and password are pasted directly into the fields. They do not have to be copied to the clipboard.

Overview of the "Password Safe" Feature:

  • Store your passwords and usernames securely and clearly.
  • Manage your passwords and usernames.
  • Clipboard Master stores your passwords and usernames encrypted (on the hard drive and in memory)
  • Works in all browsers
  • Open the password safe with Win + W
  • The entry last used on the page/in the program will be selected automatically
  • Paste usernames and passwords with Insert
  • Secure pasting in password fields - no keystrokes are simulated
  • Securing pasting in other text fields: pasting by the simulation of keys, but also through cursor movements such as pasting and deleting of additional characters that make it very difficult for spy tools to accurately observe the keys. The clipboard is also used.
  • Testing your credentials via 'Have I been pawnd'

Are my passwords stored securely?


  • Clipboard Master stores all passwords and usernames encrypted
  • In addition, you can secure your access data stored in Clipboard Master with a master password
  • The pasting of passwords and usernames is conducted, when possible, using neither the clipboard nor the sending of keystrokes. This means that spy programs that monitor key entries or the clipboard have no opportunity to read the data.

The entries are, of course, stored encrypted, both on the hard drive and in the memory.

But doesn't my browser already store passwords?

Yes, but this storage is often not secure as

  • spy tools can sometimes read this unencrypted data
  • Browser add-ons have some access to this data

You can avoid this security risk with Clipboard Master as Clipboard Master stores your passwords encrypted.

The entering of usernames and passwords is more secure with Clipboard Master than via the keyboard:

  • Data is entered directly into the entry fields in program and no keystrokes are simulated nor is the clipboard used, meaning that spy tools have no chance
  • If this is not possible, Clipboard Master enters your data in such a manner that spy tools cannot correctly read the keystrokes
  • This protects your access data from spy tools.

An additional benefit: the Clipboard Master password safe functions in every browser: if you store your access data in one browser, it will also be available to you in all other browsers.

Can I transfer my stored passwords to another computer?

Your access data stored in Clipboard Master can be transferred to another computer so that you also have direct and secure access to all access data on the target computer.