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CBM Clipboards Properties General Tab
Clipboard Master Clipboards Properties General Tab
  • Name
    You can specify and/or change the name of the clipboard here.

  • Storage Location
    Path and file name under which the clipboard is stored. This cannot be changed.

  • Type
    This is not available for the standard clipboard; it is only available for the additional clipboards.

    • Standard: This clipboard contains text, images, files.
    • Folder: This clipboard contains (links to) folders meaning that when a folder in the list is selected it is not pasted, but instead the corresponding folder is opened.
    • Program: This clipboard contains (links to) programs meaning that when a folder in the list is selected it is not pasted, but instead the corresponding program is started. For example, you can use this to create an alternative start menu.
    • Websites (URLs): This clipboard contains URLs, meaning that upon selecting a URL in the list it is not pasted, but instead the URL is opened using the standard browser of the system.
    • Passwords: This clipboard containers usernames and passwords. When pasting, the username is pasted in the first field and the password is pasted in the second field. If only a password is defined, only the password will be pasted in the current field.
      The pasting, when possible, is not conducted using the clipboard and keystrokes are not sent. This means that spy programs that monitor key entries or the clipboard are not able to read the data. The passwords are not displayed when editing entries.
    • Fixed Clipboard: This clipboard always remains visible as a window. You can store frequently used text and other frequently used items in it.
  • Display Lists Sorted
    When activated, the entries are displayed sorted.

  • Do Not Display Icons When activated, no icons will be displayed in the list. This setting applies to the current list. In theClipboard Master Settings, you can globally specify for all lists whether icons should be displayed or not.

  • Max. Entries:
    You can specify the number of maximum entries in the clipboard here. Upon reaching the maximum number, adding an additional entry causes the oldest respective entry to be deleted.

  • Write Protected:
    When activated, changes will not be stored.