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Clipboard Master does not have only one multi-clipboard; it also features multiple clipboards. You can place text templates sorted per theme and application in these clipboards. Some clipboards are already defined.

You can select clipboards of different types:

Using the Keyboard

Open Clipboard Master and press

  • Alt + first letter of the clipboard to directly open the clipboard with the corresponding first letter.
  • Alt + 1 to 0 automatically opens clipboards one to ten.
  • Ctrl + Tab opens the next clipboard.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Tab opens the previous clipboard.

Example: Press Alt + B to open the clipboard "letters & salutations". The focus is then placed on the list so that you can directly select an entry. If there are multiple clipboards that begin with "B", press the letter to refine the search or press Alt + B again for the next clipboard beginning with "B".

You can also display the list with the clipboards permanently with the F4 key.
If you would like to only display the list briefly to select a clipboard, press the left cursor key. Then use the up cursor key or Tab to select the desired clipboard and press Enter.

Using the Mouse

Open Clipboard Master can click on the title, then use the mouse to click on a clipboard:

Using the Tray Icon

Click on the tray icon -> then on the name of the clipboard and then on the entry to be pasted. Only the first 10 entries of a clipboard are available using this method.

Note: The top ten clipboards are always displayed in the tray icon. If you have more than ten clipboards, you must move the lower clipboards up in order to be able to see them in the tray icon, see Clipboards -> Move Clipboards.