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Fixed clipboards are not longer supported. Now the each clipboard list can be pinned as menu, either always or in certain apps.


Fixed clipboard (old):

If you have to continuously type the same words/sentences or paste images, use the fixed clipboard: The Clipboard Master fixed clipboard always remains visible in the foreground regardless of which program you are currently using - entries stored there are always directly visible to you.

Press Win + A (for Clipboard Master before version 2.2: Win + X) or click on the Clipboard Master tray icon and select "Fixed Clipboard" -> "Display/Edit Complete List" to display the Clipboard Master fixed clipboard.

You create and use entries from the fixed clipboard just like the entries in the other Clipboard Master clipboards:

Create Entries

As described in Create Clipboards -> Create and Edit Entries.

Use Entries

Open the fixed clipboard with Win + A, then proceed as described in Paste.

Create New Fixed Clipboard

  1. First create a new clipboard as described in Create Clipboards.
  2. Click on the newly created clipboard with the right mouse button and select "Properties" -> "Type" -> "Fixed Clipboard".
  3. Click on "Show Key Combinations For This List -> Change" to assign a key combination to the newly created clipboard.
  4. Click on "OK".

Open New Fixed Clipboard

You can either open the new fixed clipboard using the key combination you have assigned or as described in Select Clipboards.