Import a ClipboardImport a text fileImport from ClipMate

Options for import of text files

Import complete text as one item:
The complete text will be added as one element to the current list.

New line is seperator for new items:
New items are seperated by a new line. So each line will the added as new item to the current list.

Double new line is separtator for new items:
New items are seperated by 2 new lines. With this items with new lines can be added.

Import Autotext

Clipboard Master can import text files with autotext definitions in it.
Each line with one autotext item, 1st the autotext shortcut and then after a tab rthe text, e.g.

dsm     Dear Sir/Madam,
br        Best regards,

Clipboard Master can automatically update its list from a file. For this please create a new clipboard.