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With Clipboard Master (Version 4.0.8 or above) you can now easily rename a bunch of file - replace or remove any character(s), prepend, append, remove till this char etc.

In the Windows Explorer

  1. Select the files you want to rename
  2. Open the global context menu, e.g. press Ctrl + Menu or Ctrl + right mouse button
  3. Select 'Rename selected files...'
  4. The dialog 'Search and Replace/Modify Text' is shown
  5. Here you can modify strings, append, prepend text, remove characters, etc. » details

Clipboard Master reports error if any.

Undo of the renaming is possible with Ctrl + Z or Alt + Backspace.

In other programs

Just like above, except you have to select 'Search and Replace/Modify Text' from the 'convert Text' submenu.