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With Formatting

The most recently copied text will be pasted with formatting.

Without Formatting
The most recently copied text will be pasted without formatting.

Last File
The most recently copied file will be pasted.

Last Folder
The most recently copied folder will be pasted.

Last File(s)/Folder Zipped Or Unzipped
Note: This function is available in version 3.1 and higher
The last file(s)/folder will be pasted zipped. The file(s) will be compressed into an archive and this archive will then be pasted.

Example 1, zip/compress file in Windows Explorer:
You are in Windows Explorer and would like to compress one or more files. Mark and copy these. Then open the global context menu (Ctrl + Menu Key) and select this command. The files will be compressed and zipped into a file. This file will be then be added to the current directory and selected.

Example 2, zip/compress file and paste in an email (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird)
Copy the desired file , e.G. in Windows Explorer, then switch to an email program and use this command.

If the last file in the Clipboard Master clipboard was an archive, that is, a .zip, .7z, .cab file, this will be unzipped with this command. If the archive contains only one file, this will be unzipped into the current Explorer directory. If the archive contains multiple files, a subdirectory will be created with the name of the archive and all files will be unzipped into it.

The following archive types are supported and can be unzipped:
.zip, .7z, .tar, .cab, .msi, .chm, .bzip2, .gzip, .arj, .iso, .rar, .dmg, .mbr, .z, .crx

Last Url
The most recently copied URL will be pasted.

Last Shortened URL
The last URL copied will be added Shortened

Last Image
The most recently copied image will be pasted.

Last Email Address
The most recently copied email address will be pasted.

The last elements copied sequentially will be pasted - separate with new lines.

Last Folder Used
One of the last folders used can be pasted using the submenu.

Paste Marked Text To...
You can this command to paste the marked text into a Clipboard Master clipboard.

Edit This Menu
The menu editor will be opened and you can adjust the menu as you wish.